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CBS Radio to be merged into Entercom

The rumors were true Thanks to JerseyDevil for breaking the story while I was asleep having nightmares about ostriches looking in my windows. The deal is structured as a tax free exchange called a Reverse Morris Trust. CBS shareholders … Continue reading

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Jon Grayson is done

Jon Grayson was originally doing an overnight show on KMOX in Saint Louis – CBS radio spread the show to its own stations, and then went into wider syndication by Westwood One, now owned by Cumulus Media. The main competitors … Continue reading

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It’s official – CBS to spin off Radio Showing lack of historical context, this articles says that the radio stations have been part of the company since the beginning. Well, that’s sort of true. The radio stations were CBS. CBS TV didn’t arrive until after World War … Continue reading

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iHeart’s time is up

A month ago, creditors filed a notice of default for allegedly violating the terms of the loan agreements. A friendly judge in Texas gave iHeart 15 days to resolve the issue, and another 15 day extension. iHeart broke off negotiations … Continue reading

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The Eyes have it

CBS Radio is in play. Now that Sumner Redstone is out of the picture at Viacom and CBS, rapid change may be in the air. Les Moonves runs CBS, and CBS radio is a division within CBS. CBS Radio is … Continue reading

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Sumner Redstone gone from CBS

The Man who believed he would live forever – and needed to make no succession plans for CBS or Viacom is gone. In recent days, shareholders filed lawsuits claiming that Sumner Redstone was being paid to do a job that … Continue reading

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All News WTOP topples CBS’s WNEW-FM

CBS radio has given up trying to compete with Hubbard Radio’s WTOP in the Washington DC market. When CBS acquired the FM station from Family Broadcasting at 107.9, that freed up the 99.1 frequency to become an all news station … Continue reading

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Sumner Redstone promises to live forever 92 year old Sumner has controlling ownership of both Viacom and CBS (including CBS Radio). He has stopped attending conference calls with Wall Street analysts – this is viewed as an indication his health is failing. He has made … Continue reading

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CBS Weather and Traffic on the 17s

I guess it had to happen. With Sumner Redstone no longer in sole command of the Viacom / CBS empire, here come the idiots that destroyed Cumulus and iHeart’s soul. CBS has stood out as the “not stupid” radio operator. … Continue reading

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What is a “Reverse Morris Trust”? When Disney wanted to unload ABC Radio (selling it to Citadel), they used a Reverse Morris Trust – the same mechanism is probably in play for the CBS Radio spinoff to Cumulus Media if it happens. This is pretty … Continue reading

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