New Station Format – Native Tribe

This is long overdue. The Democrats have been pushing the FCC for a very long time to hand out radio station licenses to Indian Tribes and those have slowly been showing up. I’ve put them variously under “ethnic” (if they broadcast in Navajo for instance), Community, or Other format.

Note that this is station format, not station ownership. There are Indian tribes that own radio stations to promote their casinos playing “American” music or just otherwise operate as a regular radio station, that just happen to be owned by a tribe.

“Native Tribe Format” typically carries things like the audio of tribal meetings, public service programs about solving the problems of domestic violence on the reservation, and call in shows where people complain about the Bureau of Indian Affairs not sending them their checks on time. Many of the stations also carry Democracy Now, the program that hates America First.

The Native Voice One syndication fed to many of these stations is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and has some connection with the Annenberg folks who seem to have a venture promoting the native [non-]american cause.

The fallacy here of course is that Native American Tribes have absolutely nothing in common with each other – other than possibly a hatred of non-Native people. A Navajo in the deserts of the SouthWest has nothing in common with an Oneida tribe member in New York, a Mohawk Tribe member on the Canadian border, or a Cherokee in Oklahoma, or a Seminoles in Florida running their toll road. The tribes all had no written languages, spoke entirely different languages from each other, have different cultures and ceremonies – and the only contact they had with each other prior to the arrival of Europeans was to fight among each other for territory and access to food.

Here is an interesting map of which native languages were spoken where

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