August month to date

Here is who has been doing Web Site Verification so far this month:

| vcount | username       |
|    732 | editor         |
|    402 | CharlotteNC    |
|      8 | janderson021   |
|      7 | WesternMA      |
|      4 | TheJerseyDevil |
|      1 | Tom505         |

There are about 16,000 licensed radio stations in the United States, of which about 14,000 have web sites I’ve been able to locate in the past.

To reach the goal of some human looking at each one once every six months, that means needing to look at about 2,000 every month. Other than me, the contribution this month is a total of 20. Unless the station has issues, verification takes 30 seconds on the outside to pull up the web site and click Accurate.

Intentions are a nice thing.

Note that from 1:09 to 3:21 is a single unedited scene.

I’m not so naive as to believe the message of that song. The biscuits are done.

Free at Last.

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29 Responses to August month to date

  1. Art Stone says:

    I’ve pointed everything (except the blog) at Google.

  2. Art Stone says:

    The domain (except for the blog) is now pointing to the Google web site that I used when moving to Charlotte.

    All comments are being held and deleted.

    It’s over.

    The YouTube video was apparently too subtle.

    I’m gone. It’s done. Go away. Get a life.

  3. Art Stone says:

    The redirect is not working as intended – it carries along the page you have bookmarked and gives a page not found, but hopefully people find the link on the left side

  4. Art Stone says:

    In probably a week, expect the blog to go offline, too. It’s here mainly to clear up any doubts why I’m starting over on something new.

  5. briand75 says:


    It has been a learning experience and fun. Thank you for the amazing amount of time and effort you put into this. I, for one, always appreciated the humor and the intelligence.

    Farewell and happy travels.

    • tbecnel says:

      I am so sorry for the loss of a ‘friend’ on the internet. Wow. This was my go to page for talk radio that filtered out all the b.s. on the broadcast dial. All the best on your future endeavors, and a most sincere ‘thank you,’ for all of the diligent work in maintaining the page. I have been an avid ‘talk radio’ listener and DX’er since I was in high school and got my first shortwave radio. I can’t bring myself to delete the bookmark. It will have to stay as a reminder of the hours of enjoyment at being able to access great content with a mouse click. Your blog and the polls were informative and also humorous. Again, best of wishes in the future, and a very sincere ‘Thank You.’

  6. prboylan says:


    I echo briand75’s comments. I’ve been “with you” since the days. I understand completely the need to move on to something new. It’s our nature. But please never think that you didn’t have a lasting positive impact, because you did, particularly with this StartingOver blog. If you want to invite your readers when and if you get your next project underway, you have our email addresses (I think).

    Thanks again,


  7. janderson says:

    I guess I shoulda’ watched the video before today.
    Thanks for all the effort and work you put into SRG, you provided a lot of good content.

  8. foyle says:

    Many thanks sir for your countless hours of work these many years.

    I leave you with my long departed Irish father-in-law’s favorite blessing:

    May the road rise up to meet you.
    May the wind be always at your back.
    May the sun shine warm upon your face;
    the rains fall soft upon your fields and until we meet again,
    may God hold you in the palm of His hand.

  9. Infosaur says:

    You finally made me join up just because I had to say goodbye.

    I drive trucks cross country and you’ve been a great resource for finding stations in unfamiliar cities.

    I also have enjoyed your “making the sausage” blogs of the goings on behind the scenes at “big Radio”, and your knowledge of transmitters and radio history always makes for interesting reading for a tech geek that admittedly never got into programming.

    I understand why you’re pulling the plug and I can’t say we didn’t see this coming, but we’re going to miss you all the same. There are way to many baristas (sp?) with journalism degrees polluting the web with opinions blogs that basically say nothing. It was nice to listen to grown ups talk.

    Anyway, thank you for all your work (that I admittedly freeloaded on for years) and best luck in your future endeavors.

    I salute you sir.

  10. haiti222 says:

    When I first started using your site, it was about finding talk radio stations and Caribbean format radio stations. Then, the blog and the people on it became much more interesting. I never would have learned who Roy Masters was without you, and I never would have openly thought so much about the complexities of Michael Savage, and to what degree his show is shtick. Thanks for everything!

    • Art Stone says:

      Since you did give me an idea through back channels who you are and what you do, I hope you are writing a book. I’m sure you’ve got some interesting stories to tell.

  11. MrC_5150 says:


    I’ve enjoyed the SRG and this blog for a very long time. I’ll miss all of it dearly. I hope you decide to keep the blog going. I don’t comment often but I do wholeheartedly enjoy the interesting mix of topics here.

    Whatever’s next, I’d like to be there. Keep us informed.
    Thanks for everything!

  12. jpaulwede says:

    Thank you for all your due diligence. I wish you well.

  13. Art Stone says:

    I added a link at the bottom of the google placeholder to get a snapshot of the station data in CSV format

  14. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    That was an inaccurate paraphrase of some Douglas Adams libertarian humor.

    Should have been “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” but I was just testing to see if posting was working again.

    A most sincere thanks for the radio guide, and for the conversation here on the blog. I will miss all the regulars here. It is a good group.

    I’d ask that you consider keeping the blog alive. Some good folks and nice conversation.

  15. Adam S says:


    Thank you for the Radio Guide. I’ve used it weekly for several years and will miss it.

    Best wishes. May G-d bless and keep you.

  16. Art Stone says:

    Just one of the risk factors in continuing to run the web site is that hacking of user data is completely out of control and the US government keeps engaging aggressively with Russia and China, that risk is going to zoom upward.

    Back in 2008, the folks behind php (the scripting language I used) created an improved way to use mySQL (the underlying database) that is less vulnerable to attack. I’ve learned a bit more about that today, but making a site that is actually really secure would take a lot of work.

    There is nothing particularly valuable here for anyone to steal – EXCEPT if people ignored the advice and create an account using the same password they use on some other account tied to the same email address. There was one attempt about a year ago to get this data – I don’t think they got anything useful other than my own password to connect to the database, but eventually someone could download the account list and then your encrypted password could be tested to find out your real password if you chose a weak password. If they get that and you use the same password everywhere, things get ugly very fast.

    Just a quick poking around, and a 5 second google search, 11 of you used “radio” as your password here and 6 people used “password”. Hopefully that is not your bank password 🙂

    I’m going to reset all the passwords and delete the data. If/when there ever is a system again, you’ll be forced to create a new password using your registration email account.

  17. Jones says:

    Art. You are one of the few – a doer, a provider, a creator of value. Thank you so much for all that you have done. I will miss you and the Guide you provided. Times change. All the best wishes for your next chapter in life. I DO understand what it is like to be pulling the wagon that others enjoy riding upon. I was one of your riders. There are many wagons to pull and a few good mules. The mules can lead the masses because so many are just waiting to be told what to think. That’s how Obama got elected, the mules moved the masses. the country can be improved and it only takes a few good, dedicated, hardworking people to lead the sheep. Art, you are a leader. Thank you.

    • Art Stone says:

      Thank you!

      Don’t read too much into the web site being back up. It’s a $20 experiment trying out Linode. I would say so far it’s a roaring success technically. The SSD (solid state disk) is making the queries probably 100x faster. Instead of hanging from a 4 Mb residential connection easily compromised by a DOS attack, the virtual server is on a 40,000 Mb/second fiber pipe.

      I could cancel my cable service tomorrow or if my neighbor burns the building down, no effect on the server. I can use my free T-mobile access to keep tabs on things.

      For anyone else lurking who wants to post a “you suck” comment, go back to Free Republic and help look for Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Your participation here is unwelcome.

  18. Art Stone says:

    The web site is now private. I don’t care if I’m the only one using it.

  19. onansolo says:

    Hello, Art…and other followers,
    Never been a poster here just a reader of the blog where I have enjoyed the conversations and the tidbits of tech expertise that admittedly are sometimes way over my learning curve that has been expanding with each poster’s input.
    I have been a happy user of the guide with the ease of use and was always very disappointed at the uneven alternatives when the guide wagon was no longer pulled by such a dedicated mule.
    My Grandfather had a mule named “Moonshine” that he always put the youngest and inexperienced kid in the family to drive to and from the fields here in NC when “barning tobacco” for money was not considered a hate crime, but a way to buy new school clothes or go to college. He said he loved “Moonshine” more than any of his 11 children because he worked harder and didn’t need to be told what needed doing…he just did it. We small kids learned confidence as the huge animal took us out into the world alone, but along with a trusted friend that already knew where he was going…we just had to loudly call out “field” or “home”. We soon learned to hang on tightly for the quick jaunt back to the barn at the end of a hot and humid August day!!
    Thanks for allowing all of us to benefit from your hard work and to use the guide!!

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