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I’m pondering if there is a way to create a voting system as motivation to get people to pull the wagon instead of me. You may be familiar with social sites that work based on group consensus of what is “good content” by people voting.

So let’s say the “entry price” for influencing the content is you have to find 5 radio stations for which we currently don’t have a web site or have an outdated URL – or have a web site that has a URL but we didn’t know was streaming…

Once a visitor establishes that they will actually do data gathering, the “volunteer points” could then steer the ship, based on earning points roughly the way they’ve always worked – testing schedules, setting topics, finding new web sites, etc… You could “vote” for or against types of music, specific radio stations, or specific shows. I would not use my own “points” to influence outcomes.

Up until now, “popularity” has been merely the number of times people tried to listen to a show and/or station. This approach would feel more like a competition. Points would not be “spent” and then you lose them – they would be fluid, you could recall them and apply them to something else (maybe limited to keeping them on something for a day before you can reclaim them). If you had 10 million points and today you know something important is happening, you could vote that show to the top of the list (as long as nobody else outvotes you or uses their points to cancel your points)

You should not take this post as evidence that the web site is coming back, however.


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6 Responses to Random thoughts

  1. janderson says:

    Thinking …
    I’m glad to volunteer help anytime.

    • Art Stone says:

      My “help for volunteers” is only partially written, but there is no substantive change. The new main navigation menu has a volunteer section once people are accepted as a volunteer. Existing volunteers will have to update their password to login (I need to turn the warning back on – since many people ignore the blog)

  2. Linda S. says:

    I would love to still help. I can only help on weekends. I still have not been able to find just what we are supposed to be doing. Maybe I missed the site where you gave directions as to what we are supposed to do.

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