Do you have native IPv6 connectivity?

Since you are either brave or foolish enough to have found the new server, I’m in need of someone who understands IPv6 and has native IPv6 connectivity. If you don’t understand what that means without asking Google, I’m not looking for you. If you plan to tell me all about IPV6 proxies because you just read about them on Reddit 20 seconds ago, I do actually know what I’m doing. The issue is that I have no native ipv6 access myself – neither Time Warner, AT&T, nor T-Mobile have it enabled on my connections.

The server should be accessible via

Although it’s hard to guess what may happen if you try. My databases don’t understand IPV6 addresses and will likely be unhappy.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    The updates to the databases to support IPv6 appear to be working correctly, but until someone really starts to use this, I won’t know for sure.

    If you only have an ipv4 connection (like me), the above URL will do nothing but stare back at you.

    To test if you do have native IPv6 access

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