Reworking website navigation

Streaming Radio Guide’s roots go back to about 1999 when I started creating – much of the “guts” of the web site is still based on that code.

When I decided in 2004 to split the gathering of streaming radio stations into its own web site (knowing it was just a matter of time before dialup internet died), the things the web site can do were created one at a time in a somewhat random manner.

The result has been very inconsistent appearance of pages and frequently there are remarks like “Why don’t you add….” for a feature that has been there for 10 years – but not in a place where it is obvious to find it.

While today’s “home page” is great to make Googlebot happy, it isn’t really how people arrive here or what they want to do after they are here. A very large portion arrive because they did a query on a specific show (i.e. Rush Limbaugh) and nothing on that page suggests the web site has any other purpose – like browsing the other shows that are currently streaming.

Most of the pages have at least been converted to the new header format, which shows your username if you’re logged in (and a login link if you’re not) and a Menu link to take you to a high level menu without needing to navigate through pages you didn’t want to visit.


The contents of those menu items will change as I rearrange the chairs on the ship, so expect that things could change right while you’re using the menu. Once it’s complete, the menu will become the home page, and overlapping navigation (like on the What’s on now page) will be removed to streamline the presentation.

The menu should also be much easier to use on mobile devices.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    The menu is now the default. It could use some graphics. People hate text.

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