IRN/USA radio network throws in its hand

This is not a huge shock. Independent radio syndication by satellite is dead.

Jeff Weber, President of competitor Business Talk Radio and Lifestyle radio networks gave up last week.

IRN/USA has a very minimal cadre of affiliates for its long form programs – “Point of View” being the best known. Its “top of the hour” newscasts are heavy on news about the middle east and mostly carried on small religious stations waiting for breaking news that Jesus has returned, or abortion “news”.
The buyer is an entity from Raleigh North Carolina owned by a man named Sam Hassell. He was the national sales manager of Salem Radio for six years, and ran AMAC for a year (you’ve heard their ads trying to sell you insurance by being the “conservative alternative” to AARP). It’s a mystery to me why he wants this deal – IRN/USA’s main competitor is Salem Radio’s SRN. Maybe he is just going to quietly turn out the lights and sell what’s left to Salem.

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