The “theme” of Hot Country

A while back, I listened to K-Love grabbing the basic concept of each song and looking for the overall theme of the format – so I figured it was time to figure out what Hot Country is about and why young people are listening to it: (at least in Oregon)

1) Heading out in the Winnebago and going to Talladega and drinking whiskey
2) Tailgating in the parking lot, drinking and lighting one up, looking at pretty girls
3) She rocks me when she kisses me – I can’t leave her alone
4) God made girls to rock the world of guys and give him a reason to live
5) That girl is the perfect storm – that’s the way God made her
6) Take off your leaving dress and let’s make love one last time before you leave
7) I’m getting drunk and getting high on coke on a plane going to Cancun because you called off the wedding [good decision, woman!]
8) when a guy like like me gets a girl like you, I want to get a tattoo to show you off
9) we’re all the same – we just come here to get drunk and don’t give a rat’s ass if you’re a Democrat or Republican

Who advertises?
– Boost Mobile
– local tire retailer
– local Allstate insurance
– veteran’s crisis line (PSA)
– donated clothing store for breast cancer survivors

– free breakfast for seniors at the casino
– garage door opener that has a battery in case the power is out (local)
– artic cat ATV for riding sand dunes
– ACE hardware (local)

– more boost mobile data – twice as much!
– public lottery makes great teachers
– young girl had cancer, and St Jude’s stops them from dying
– another commercial from same tire store
– military help line for veterans in crisis, preventing suicides

– Floor covering retailer
– Allstate in case the blades fly off your ceiling fan
– automobile repair shop
– seafood market that carries locally caught fresh fish
– country music festival tickets for next year
– repeat of floor covering ad

So we have 9 songs and 20 commercials.

So compared to Bluegrass or Classic Country, what are they -not- singing about?

Need another 14 minutes to have a full hour
10) meeting a home grown Carolina girl at a bar in New York City and dancing
11) Baby, let’s take my jacked up 4WD to a tailgate party and you can get drunk, because I’m driving
12) I hate the way this bikini top feels, can I take it off at the tailgate party?

– Win a gift certificate for using our app
– rent-a-center for your furniture needs
– an online seller of British teas
– NAPA auto parts for wiper blades
– help us bring lupus out of the shadows
– dental service wants you to use up all your year end dental benefits
– get a $5k loan in order to make the down payment on that mortgage you can’t afford
– local Toyota dealer

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