The Mayor of Cleveland Ohio is as black as President Obama
The Chief of Police in Cleveland is black
The 911 operator is black
The 12 year old guy pointing a gun at strangers near a transit station is black

The caller to 911 – having learned from NBC and George Zimmerman – twice refuses to answer the question “Is he white or black?” And only answers “black” when the tone of voice suggests he will be in trouble if he doesn’t answer her question.


The “replica” handgun is not a “toy” gun as the illiterate press are reporting. It fires pellets at high velocity capable of injury or death. Since 2002, the City of Cleveland considers BB and Pellet guns to be “firearms” in every legal sense. The ordinance was passed following a murder in 2001. Real guns don’t have orange tips.

The police account is that upon arriving, they ordered the young man to put his arms in the air. He didn’t. Instead he reached for his waistband to pull out the handgun. One of the two officers fired twice. The 12 year old died in the hospital.

His mother lives across the street and doesn’t understand why her son is dead. She already has an attorney to play the lawsuit lottery.

The skin color and/or ethnic identity of the police officers has not been mentioned in the press. A visit by Al Sharpton seems unlikely.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    WERE-AM, the “black news” station in Cleveland isn’t even running this as their most important story. A homeless guy getting a turkey shows up first. There were lots of black witnesses to the shooting and a very clear video.. If the policeman was not black, Facebook and Twitter would report that in five seconds.

    The police shooting in a public housing project in New York City has faded quickly as well. In that case, the policeman was a white Asian.

  2. Art Stone says:

    If you do a search on “Cleveland shooting identified”, you will find a story involving a police shooting in Cleveland Tennessee that just happened, and the two police involved were immediately identified.

    The Cleveland Ohio police were going to identify the police involved in the shooting of the 12 year old, but it looks like they pushed it back until tomorrow.

    Perhaps Cleveland TN police don’t belong to a union.

  3. Art Stone says:

    The officers have been IDed. The officer who shot is a 26 year old white man who had been on the force since March, but had worked earlier for Independence, a suburb of Cleveland.

    The video released explains why we didn’t know his skin color until now – there were no witnesses other than the surveillance camera. The man who called 911 had left the area before the police arrived. The video clearly shows Tamir pointing his replica gun at strangers at close range.

    The park is across the street from a transit center where people can catch the transit line that runs between downtown and the airport. Being a transit geek, I’ve ridden that (but not recently). My memory from 20 years ago is that is not the part of Cleveland where they built the high rise slums in the 1960s to warehouse poor black people – it’s a neighborhood of old single family houses where people with a job and children raise a family.

  4. Art Stone says:

    If you haven’t been to Cleveland, this will give you a sense of its racial makeup


    Like Detroit, the population of the city peaked in the 1950s at a bit over 900,000. After we started building freeways, the populations moved to the suburbs and people with incomes moved out of the city. The population is now less than 400,000 – majority black.

    Toward the left side of the map is a big empty space – that’s where the airport is. If you draw a line from there to downtown (on Lake Erie), you’ll see a small area of blue in the middle of the red (white) area. That ‘s where this happened. The high density public housing projects are to the East and NorthEast side of downtown in almost completely segregated neighborhoods.

    Cleveland was one of the places where the KKK flourished after the start of the Great Northern Migration of Southerners (mostly black) arrived to take the jobs being created in the 1920s – frustrating the efforts of labor unions to organize car factories and related heavy industry. The heart of the KKK was in NW Indiana, not Selma Alabama.

  5. Art Ston says:

    Thinking about the video a bit, why did someone erect a camera pointing 24 hours a day at a picnic table in an empty park? While the video was digitally zoomed for the press conference, there is no indication that the camera was being monitored or directed as events unfold.

    Being right across the street from the transit station would make it an ideal location for selling drugs. White people could buy drugs there without the fear of going to a “bad” all black neighborhood. Suppliers could ride from their homes on the NE side without even having to change trains.

    So why would an old man be sitting by himself at that table at two in the afternoon while the Cleveland Browns were playing (in Atlanta)? A logical guess is he was sitting there to prevent people from using the park for other purposes. Drug gangs use young children as lookouts and runners as they won’t be prosecuted as adults.

    After he runs off the old man, but before the police arrive, the 12 year old gets on his cell phone and makes a brief phone call. Did he call his mom and say “I think a man just called 911 on me – what should I do?” Or did he call a drug dealer and say “OK, the coast is clear”.

    I do wonder why the police drove up on the grass though – that seems pretty aggressive and put them into an immediate shoot/don’t shoot decision.

  6. Art Stone says:

    My memory was basically correct. The neighborhood is pre WW2 single family housing thrown up for people who worked in the nearby factories. The parallel to Detroit is very clear. A neighborhood full of retired white people who have lived there all their lives, and can’t afford or don’t want to leave the city. Their children and grandchildren moved away to safer places with better schools to raise their families. The neighborhood drifts from working blue collar to low income people living off the generosity of government, followed by black aggression to chase the remaining old white people out of the city

    Cudell Park

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