Crime in the Big City

6 days of data

(source: Charlotte Observer)

What – me worry?

Remember that the primary purpose of government and newspapers is to scare you.

Let’s have a look at homicide for the past 6 months – Charlotte’s population is about 800,000.

Charlotte has become very racially segregated, largely encouraged by a gerrymandered “all black” 12th Congressional district. The area to the North of downtown and West of I-77 is almost entirely black. The area South of downtown and East of I77 is almost entirely white, with a couple pockets of Hispanics.

The two homicide dots in the “white” part of town in the last 6 months – one was a 70 year old man shooting his 68 year old wife in a murder-suicide. The other was a 20 something man who shot his “crazy” father accidentally in the leg. Neither was shooting by a stranger.

Facts are what they are.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    Here is a map showing precinct by precinct where the 12th Congressional district is

    The correlation is unavoidable

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