Roy Masters Update

Roy Masters is an acquired taste. He effectively controls the Talk Radio Network, which has lost most of its hosts.

He does a show in the middle of night called “advice line” hypnotizing callers over the phone, and giving away CDs to teach people to control their minds, especially soldiers suffering from PTSD.

He’s in his 80s and recently was in the hospital again. He showed up live tonight and announced that his show moved to 6-9 PM Pacific effective today. That was the original time when Rusty Humphries was on TRN.

So if you don’t stay up until 3 AM, maybe you will now start hearing Roy teaching you about controlling your mind.

P.S. – President Obama is a pathological liar and is working to destroy the United States

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  1. Art Stone says:

    Possibly related, Rusty Humphries is retooling his Washington Times podcast to be a one hour show a week

  2. mwngw says:

    As a longtime Roy Masters listener from his Los Angeles days, I can attest to his influence both personally, and conservative radio in general. Through the 70’s, his shows on the superb L.A. station KIEV were received well as a kind of “new thought” approach to radio, and maybe was even an innovation. Roy had a way a “bending” an idea to put a wholly unique insight to a particular principle. And although I generally agreed with him politically, his attitudes towards women, and particular religious claims forced me to keep him at arm’s length. What I did embrace was his idea that the metropolis of L.A. would someday be unlivable, and that the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon was a far better place to raise a family. I ended up in Grants Pass in 1993, and found it to be near-heaven in many respects. As a radio junkie from L.A., my discovery of Masters’ KOPE was no less than thrilling…it’s programming contained a full array of very conservative shows, including Chuck Harder’s “For The People” broadcast, which to this day I submit surpassed any other radio show in its variety and interest. I was in radio heaven.
    Never a Roybot, never attending any of Roy’s church meetings, I nevertheless appreciated Roy for the good he and his family did for the Grants Pass area, and at the same time rejecting what came to be his downfall, and the downfall of TRN: sheer, unbridled arrogance. In the KOPE days up until ’98, the station held the local valley captive with unsurpassed programming. When the Masters’ shut the station down and ceased broadcasts, the listenership was utterly crushed. The local listenership of Southern Oregon made and supported the network, and helped TRN begin its reign in the national market. It was betrayal of the highest order, and locals began to get a closer look into the questionable ethics of the operation. Again, “crushing” is an effective descriptor.
    I read some years ago that Mark Masters called up KKOH in Reno and told the station manager that if they did not return Savage to drivetime hours that there would be repercussions. KKOH gave him the finger, and eventually dropped Savage’s show. It was a personality defect spawned by Roy that infected his sons, that triumphalistic arrogance. On the one hand, Roy’s pervasive presumption benefitted all his endeavors via good ol’ self-promotion, but in the end it bought everything down. I can remember the day hearing that TRN was departing from a strictly conservative venue with his “America’s Morning News” show. I shook my head like many other local listeners…”Mark has blown it again.” Yes, TRN should have stayed with what it did best, conservative, right-wing, wingnut radio.
    I took Roy Masters as a huge influence personally. I received the good ideas he dispensed, and culled out the ridiculous. The general good the Masters family has done for Southern Oregon is unquestioned. With wincing regret, those whom Roy and the family hurt have justifiable complaints. To use a “right-wing” idea borrowed from the Bible…”pride comes before the fall…” describes the end result of what an apparently minor character flaw can do to others, and the devastation they can cause. In its day, KOPE and TRN were second to none.

    • Art Stone says:

      Are you sure of that Chuck Harder connection – other than maybe KOPE was an affiliate? Harder ran his own syndication at least when I listened to him in the early 1990s.

      The connection I do know about is Art Bell – Masters had put him into syndication – during the period when Clear Channel was buying everything in sight – they bought TRN from Masters, took Art Bell and ultimately sold TRN back to Masters.

      As to your opinions about Masters and TRN – I should probably point out they are yours and do not necessarily represent my opinions.

    • Art Stone says:

      A slight digression – Phil Hendrie was syndicated by TRN after he came back to Radio. Phil had appeared on progressive talk radio locally. It’s clear from his cast of imaginary characters making fun of businessmen, religious people and the military – he is no Conservative, he just plays one in the radio when TRN told him that was the job description. He is not the only one.

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