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Sam Sorbo is gone

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Talk Radio Network is down to three hosts following the death of Jerry Doyle and Sorbo leaving

4 hours of Morning News
12 hours of Robert Davi (who?)
8 hours of Network owner Roy Masters

Satellite schedule

Jerry Doyle dead at 60

Thursday, July 28th, 2016

Doyle was found nonresponsive in his home in Vegas. Doyle has had health challenges through the years, in addition to the pressure of being the host still working for Talk Radio Network.

Doyle considered himself more of a libertarian than a Conservative. Add one more name to the Clinton suspicious death list.

US Supreme Court to Talk Radio Network: Pay Savage

Monday, January 18th, 2016

The US Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal from the Roy Masters controlled Talk Radio Network. Michael Savage had tried to leave Talk Radio Network to join Westwood One, but Talk Radio Network tried to stop him claiming it had a right to match any offer Savage might get. An arbitrator ruled that The TRN offer was not as good as the Westwood One offer, and released Savage from his contract and awarded Savage close to a million dollars in attorney fees.

TRN appealed the binding arbitration. They lost. The US Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal.

Because of the complicated financial relationship between Roy Masters, the Foundation for Human Understanding that owns TRN according to IRS filings, and a number of different corporations designed to financially insulate TRN, the chances of Savage ever seeing a cent are small. Savage also won the right to his show archives. That TRN will have to turn over unless mysteriously they were stored on Hillary’s email server and were wiped.

Michael Savage headed to the Supreme Court!

Tuesday, October 27th, 2015

Michael “Savage” Weiner has said on the air that he never expects to see a penny from Talk Radio Network.

A few weeks ago, his lawyers got a “writ of execution” for $866k for a judgement already won ordering TRN to pay back Savage’s lawyers because of their refusal to follow through on the results of binding arbitration releasing Savage from his contract.

Listeners to Clark Howard know that getting a judgement from a court is almost worthless. Unless the loser just writes a check, the winner has to use the courts again to enforce the judgement. The Writ of Execution does that. With the writ in hand, the winner can empty out bank accounts, get the sheriff to seize tangible property, etc…

TRN has apparently applied to the US Supreme Court for a further appeal. This is not based on any significant legal principle. They lost in binding arbitration, they lost on appeal. It is a stalling tactic and trying to increase the expense yet further hoping that Savage will go away, or die first.

In my non-lawyer opinion, it’s a huge abuse of process. The bigger legal problem is the assets controlled by Roy Masters and his relatives (if any exist) are stored away within the Foundation for Human Understanding. Even with a Writ of Execution against TRN, Savsge cannot probably seize the ranch owned by FHU without an entire new proceeding to break through the religious veil protecting FHU and proving commingling or transfer of assets to avoid the judgement, etc.

I was alarmed when I learned the TRN / FHU connection. It appears there was reason for concern.

Talk Radio Network clinging on

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

— brief unauthorized history —
Talk Radio Network used to be a significant syndicator of Conservative talk programming. There is a development today suggesting the network will not regain its former glory.

TRN was the creation of Roy Masters, the founder of the Foundation for Human Understanding. Former stage hypnotist and soldier in the post WW2 British Army, Roy Masters created a religion and bought radio time in the middle of the night to spread his controversial views and teach people self-hypnosis. When the bidding war in Radio broke out after the 1996 Telecom Reform Act signed by Bill Clinton, TRN was sold to one of the companies that would become Clear Channel – they took Art Bell and returned the rest of TRN back to Roy.

His son Mark took over the operations and recruited some people who Clear Channel didn’t get – Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Rusty Humphries, John McCaslin, Jerry Doyle, Phil Hendrie, Monica Crowley and a few others – life was good.

Then Michael Savage refused to extend his contract and a legal battle started – ultimately Savage won his freedom, but as of last week says TRN has still not paid the legal expenses he was awarded. TRN filed suit against Westwood One, claiming they were telling radio stations to take the Westwood One shows instead of TRN – Westwood One owned the satellite and “repped” its own shows and TRN’s.

TRN had started an all news network in partnership with the Washington Times. When Reverand Moon – the benefactor of the Washington Times – died, that threw the Times into a funding crisis, which spilled over to TRN

— end history —

In August 2013, TRN announced the arrival of a new manager named Jim Watkins.

A lot went very bad very quickly. The first week of September 2013, most of the employees found they had no job. Recently hired Andrea Tantaros filed a lawsuit claiming TRN misrepresented their situation and breached her contract. john McCaslin walked out in the middle of his morning newscast. Rusty Humphries quit and never returned. Phil Hendrie left. Jerry Doyle quit, but ulmiately was convinced to return in a few months.

With two satellite channels to fill and no hosts left, Jim Watkins was suddenly in deep stuff, being in charge of syndication and affiliate relations. He went on the air, Roy and his sons pushed out some self help shows, one guy was brought in to keep the morning news show alive, the rest of the all news network was cancelled with no notice. A weekend host named Sam Sorbo plugged the Laura Ingraham / Andrea Tantaros hole.

What drove much of this change was the Cumulus folks – having hired Michael Savage – dropped TRN on most of their stations, causing severe decreases in affiliate counts and hence advertising revenue.

Sam Sorbo, Roy Masters and Jerry Doyle are the only weekday shows left on TRN today.

Today’s ominous news is that Jim Watkins has left.

He is going to return to Florida doing a local show. He undoubtedly has amazing stories to tell that we will never hear. Michael Savage said he expects to never see a dime from the TRN lawsuit. He’s probably right. Maybe the revitalized Westwood One (now owned by Cumulus) will offer to buy TRN for $10 if they throw in the coffee machine and 100 “Be Still and Know” CDs that can be sold on Sweetjack

Art Bell gives radio The Bird

Monday, September 21st, 2015

By Bird, I mean the Westwood One XDS satellite. What were you thinking?

This is a stunning announcement on many levels. For those of you who weren’t around or have moved on to other things, Art Bell was a pioneer. While Rush Limbaugh was in national syndication on ABC radio starting in the late 1980s, he was pretty much the only one. NBC radio had Talknet with Bruce Wikliams and Sally Jesse Raphael, but the national radio ownership caps meant nationwide syndication was still impractical.

This unusual guy in Utah named Roy Masters decided to take a shot at syndicating Art Bell on his Talk Radio Network. After the 1996 Telecom Reform act, the forces that would morph into Clear Channel bought Talk Radio Network to own Art Bell, They kept Art, and spit out TRN which reverted back to Roy Masters.

So since the end of July, Art has been doing his three hour a night show from Pahrump, distributed by Keith Rowland and streamed over the Internet, with Art retaining control over the archives, and no delayed broadcasting. Maybe a dozen radio stations persuaded Art to allow them in, with only 2 minutes of local commercials per hour. This is radically different than the normal (failed) business model that crams up to 28 minutes per hour of non-content into every hour.

Beginning October 1st, the syndication is being opened up to all terrestrial radio stations using the Westwood One XDS satellite, which most radio stations already have. George Noory just got punched in the gut.

affiliate terms

We may be seeing the new version of talk radio emerging. It won’t make Art $50 million a year, but it will compete against SiriusXM

Roy Masters Update

Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

Roy Masters is an acquired taste. He effectively controls the Talk Radio Network, which has lost most of its hosts.

He does a show in the middle of night called “advice line” hypnotizing callers over the phone, and giving away CDs to teach people to control their minds, especially soldiers suffering from PTSD.

He’s in his 80s and recently was in the hospital again. He showed up live tonight and announced that his show moved to 6-9 PM Pacific effective today. That was the original time when Rusty Humphries was on TRN.

So if you don’t stay up until 3 AM, maybe you will now start hearing Roy teaching you about controlling your mind.

P.S. – President Obama is a pathological liar and is working to destroy the United States

More voices vanish from TRN

Monday, December 15th, 2014

Talk Radio Network used to have Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Phil Hendrie, Rusty Humphries and others

A little over a year ago, Talk Radio Network imploded. The Daily news program died (except for the morning news with a new host), Rusty Humphries quit, Jerry Doyle left the air (he returned a few months later)

From IRS filings, we know that TRN is a for profit subsidiary of the Religion named the Foundation for Human Understanding, which is run by Roy Masters to market his mind control tapes (Be Still and Know) as a non-profit entity (a religion but not a church according to the IRS) which allows FHU to not pay taxes to the IRS. Last year, the IRS ruled FHU is not a church, and therefore is required to file an annual financial report, subject to perjury if it is inaccurate.

Here is the new schedule

Gone from the weekend schedule:
– Monica Crowley
– Barry Farber
– Motor Trend Weekend

The most curious thing is “B1” Bob Dornan is listed on the satellite schedule as a weekday host, but not as a TRN host. There is nothing about a new show in the News section and nothing I can find in Google. Maybe he is renting the satellite time.

TRN sued Dial Global who distributed and “repped” their programs to radio stations. Dial Global was acquired by Cumulus. The lawsuit was settled, but Cumulus dropped TRN programming from its stations and appears to have no interest in helping TRN survive.

Monica Crowley gone from WABC

Saturday, August 16th, 2014

Monica Crowley is still syndicated by the just barely alive Talk Radio Network. Since TRN sued their own national rep firm and distributor Dial Global (now owned by Cumulus), it’s not shocking that Cumulus is shedding every single TRN program it had. There is also a trend that Cumulus/ABC programs are vanishing from non-Cumulus stations.

The good news is if you listen to WABC right now, you can find out how to save money on your mortgage.

Don’t overestimate the Dickey brothers

It’s official – Andrea Tantaros isn’t coming back

Wednesday, March 26th, 2014

It’s been about six months now since Andrea Tantaros quit TRN and filed a lawsuit with a laundry list of complaints, biggest one that TRN had fired all the support staff and ad revenue wasn’t meeting her expetations.

In the interim, Sam Sorbo, who previously had been a weekend host – has been “filling” in for the curiously absent Andrea Tantaros. I changed the listing a while back to indicate that Sam Sorbo was the defacto host on TRN from 9 AM to Noon. TRN has finally made her the dejure host.

The charade went on long enough that most of the affiliates have left. The only stream I know of for sure that carries the show live is CRN Channel 2. It’s hard to do a call in talk show when no affiliates carry the show live. Presumably, the official announcement ends any residual obligation of affiliates to keep carrying the show.

If you have heard the show, Sam’s concept of Conservatism is very much wrapped in her religious belief system. She frequently talks to her weekend cohost and close friend Marius Forte. If you like Mother Angelica reruns or Janet Mefford, she may be your cup of tea.