Coming soon – Google Earth Integration

For years, there have been little tower icons that would launch Google Maps to show you the antenna for a radio station. This morning’s project is to create a wat to launch the 3D and street view of Google Earth if you have the program or app installed.

The key parts are working – just a few items. If I got clever enough, I might be able to add things like the ASRN number and tower height.


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2 Responses to Coming soon – Google Earth Integration

  1. Art Stone says:

    This should be working now. If you have Google Earth installed (on your PC or an app on your mobile device), you should be able to click this icon

    next to the older Tower Icon (that starts Google maps that is web based, but doesn’t have 3d images, and easy to use street view).

    Note that if you are using wireless internet, Google Earth is a pig. Use it only on wifi 🙂

  2. Art Stone says:

    I just found my first KML link in Google. I didn’t block the spider and it is not at all resource intensive. As long as Google doesn’t ban be for telling lies, I’m home free.

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