New Station Format – Classic Hip-Hop

It started over the “holiday” season – perhaps a safe way to test a new format. As affluent educated white people abandon radio, Classic Hip Hop is not that illogical to fill the void. Baby Boomer Whites cling to their Classic Rock – at least a few Black people or people who wish they were have survived into their 40s and are now are classic, even though many of the Classic Hip Hop artists are long ago dead or in prison.

Rolling stone picked up on this trend

So move over hoes – its time fo da jamz. Rock ‘n roll is as dead as Trayvon. #rockisdead

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3 Responses to New Station Format – Classic Hip-Hop

  1. Art Stone says:

    Cumulus has decided that Indianapolis Indiana is the epicenter of Classic Hip Hop

  2. Art Stone says:

    Young Urban / Hip-Hop is now named “Urban Contemporary” to be more consistent with industry terms

    White people listen to – Contemporary Hits -> Classic Rock Hits -> Oldies
    Black People listen to – Urban Contemporary -> Classic Hiphop -> R&B / Soul

    Just don’t judge people by the color of their Music, or Jesus

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