Another Radio Owner heads for the exit

You may have bumped into this one from time to time. MCC (Morris Communications) is visible to me because they hold the honor of being the largest radio owner to ask not to be listed in the directory – not even the web sites.

Station List

MCC is primarily a newspaper publisher, a business with even less of a future than radio. They operate 33 radio stations – in the Midwest, Alaska, California and Florida – plus a couple they sort of control, as the FCC still has rules prohibiting newspapers from owning radio stations – since AM radio and daily newspapers are pretty much the only way Americans know what is going on in the world.

Apparently the people at WIBW don’t know the history of their radio stations without reading their own web site.

The buyer is Alpha Media, run by Larry Wilson. He originally created Citadel Radio – buying up hundreds of near worthless radio stations 15 years ago, then selling them for a handsome profit to those New York City Slickers who don’t know an SWR meter from a guy wire. He’s trying to repeat his magic

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