Rose has Landed

As long time readers know, Disney Radio decided to get out of Radio and sell off its overpriced major market AM stations. Salem Radio has been one buyer anxious to buy at the fire sale in markets where they don’t have an AM station.

Pittsburgh is one of those cities. It was announced a while back that Salem was buying Disney’s station in Pittsburgh

The surprise is Rose, the female half of the former Quinn & Rose is getting a drive time morning show on The Answer starting tomorrow. People have wondered what Rose and Quinn would be like as individuals – now we get a chance to find out. Keep your rosary beads handy.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    The weekday schedule

    As of this moment, the stream gets a 404 error. If that’s still true on the morning go directly to their web site.

  2. Art Stone says:

    Quinn has landed an affiliate at nostalgia station in Latrobe, best know for being the former home of Rolling Rock beer

    Just like WYSL, Quinn is not allowing them to stream the show

  3. Art Stone says:

    Streaming link not working. I don’t know where Salem intends to have its studio. Rose will probably do the show from home.

    This station has a quirk – ABC bought it originally to be an ESPN station, not Radio Disney. When the ESPN station failed miserably against KDKA, Disney moved Radio Disney from a leased station to its defunct ESPN affiliate. Back in the day, the station was known as WTAE-AM, or if you’re really old – WCAE. The station was started in 1922 by Gimbels Department Store.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Wow. Coming up on its 100 year anniversary in just 7 years. I remember WTAE and Gimbels. Enjoy:

      • Art Stone says:

        Several of the very early pioneer radio stations were built by department stores. Newspapers were also big in the early days. The merger + split of Scripps and Journal is a “done deal”. The newspaper and radio/TV operations are now legally separated. The FCC dragging its heels for 20 years about whether newspapers can own TV and Radio stations is now mostly a settled issue.

  4. Little Man says:

    I see that it will carry Bill Bennett for his first two hours. I’ll tune in for him and switch over to an online station for his third hour when Rose comes on. I like Bennett, he is smart, friendly to his listeners, and sounds like the kind of guy you can sit down and have a beer with. Rose sounds like a broad and Quinn stuttered and stammered so much that you could fit their old three hour show into one hour if he got his sentences out on the first try.

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