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Hugh Hewitt in talks with MSNBC When Hewitt took over for Bill Bennett to do the 6-9 AM shift, I wondered if he was going to last as a morning guy. The purported MSNBC show would be an evening show, so it seems unlikely Hewitt … Continue reading

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Man convicted of Home Invasion of Stu Epperson Jr

Winston Salem Journal Stu Epperson Jr is the son of the cofounder of the Salem media networks (SALM). A man attempted to break into his house and was caught by the police. The original story was kept fairly discrete, but … Continue reading

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John R Gambling says Goodbye

Most of the last 90 years, New York City radio has had a Gambling helping start their day. John R is generation three of the Gambling radio family. Most of his time was on WOR-AM, although he did move to … Continue reading

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Larry Elder gets another Chance

If you don’t know who Larry Elder is – he is a Los Angeles based black libertarian radio host with a long track record. He previously was in national syndication on ABC Radio and was let go in 2007 in … Continue reading

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Big changes at Salem Radio

* disclaimer – I am a stockholder in SALM For years, I have been advocating changes to the Salem Talk Lineup – the Bennett, Gallagher, Prager, Medved, Hewitt lineup hasn’t changed since I started tracking programming schedules. They’re all … Continue reading

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Giving Florida Seniors “The Biz”

The unwinding of the AM Radio Disney empire continues. Salem Broadcasting ended up buying the stations that were not “red hot” – for about 1/3 to 1/4th of what Disney paid 15 years ago. Salem got the keys today for … Continue reading

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Rose has Landed

As long time readers know, Disney Radio decided to get out of Radio and sell off its overpriced major market AM stations. Salem Radio has been one buyer anxious to buy at the fire sale in markets where they don’t … Continue reading

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A strange day for radio

Who knew? Andy Parks was on WWRC-AM in Washington DC because the Washington Times newspaper was paying Salem Radio. Salem needs more revenue than the Washington Times was willing to pay, so he is history. Salem doesn’t subscribe to Neilsen … Continue reading

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Gambling with Gambling

Salem Radio’s WNYM-AM in New York City has agreed to let Third Generation radio guy John Gambling on their station from 11 AM-1 PM. The station currently carries syndicated programming, and will replace it with two hours of local programming … Continue reading

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Salem CEO to cohost Mitch McConnell fundraiser

Salem Radio has been in the news recently for buying up “right wing” media properties. Ed Atsinger is one of the two founders of Salem Media. If you think Salem will be a venue to overturn the “Republican Establishment”, think … Continue reading

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