“Dude, you’ve been shot!”

Throw rocks at the windows of a house at 2:30 AM in Billings, Montana to wake up your “friend”, expect a volley of projectiles in return

Billings Gazette

The Anti Gun Rights Chicago Tribune is spinning this into a global story. The Tribune stripped out one detail from the original story – that the gun was a “revolver”.

Having a loaded gun inside your house that a 15 year old has access to is not a crime (yet). The friend of the alleged friend (who was not known to the shooter) is the one who apparently announced “Dude, you’ve been shot!” Comments below the story indicate the dead young man was living without any parental supervision.

Note in the pictures that there is a travel trailer up on blocks in the driveway that people are living in – if that gives a sense of the neighborhood. Since we can’t talk about race in America, the story cannot disclose if race or gang affiliation is part of this story.


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