Kate Delaney has a new job

You’re forgiven if you don’t know who Kate Delaney is.

For as long as this web site has been around, Kate has been doing a syndicated radio show called America Tonight that competes against Coast to Coast and the Redeye Trucking guys. Her show is carried by the GCN conspiracy radio network, but her show is straight news and conversation.

Because she is on GCN, her affiliate list is very weak – basically small market stations eager to carry free programming when everyone is sleeping. The show is live Midnight to 4 AM Eastern Time from Monday to Friday – it isn’t clear if this new job is replacing her current job or extra work.

It turns out Kate was a sports broadcaster, which I never knew – her bio says she had hosted a sports talk show on WFAN in New York City.

NBC Sports Radio adds Kate Delaney

NBC Sports Radio has been around for about 18 months competing in an overcrowded sports talk format. Both CBS Sports Radio and NBC Sports Radio are syndicated by Westwood One, which is owned by Cumulus Media.

Her show will be from Noon to 3 PM on Saturday and Sunday, which means almost nobody will be able to hear the show, the same issue that Monica Crowley had. Probably 50 weekends a year, an all sports radio station will be carrying football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, or lacrosse every weekend starting at 11 AMish or so. ESPN, Fox, CBS and NBC sports barely even bother to publish a list of hosts on the weekend.

America loves Sports! And so does Kate. And America loves Kate!

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