Testing groups

For the dozens of you czars doing testing, time management can become an issue – along with boredom. In the upper left hand corner is a filter to select subgroups of stations. Most are only useful if you are a czar and have the ability to fix things.image

None of them are “dangerous” to try. Here is a brief overview:

Needs Test – it has been a long time since anyone tested stream

Needs Review – the automated tester flagged the station

Check Website – the URL needs to be confirmed

No Home Page – the station URL is currently blank – can you find one?

No Stream – there is a web site, but but no stream during last check

No Facebook –  nothing to like

HDx channels only – like anyone cares

No ooTunesID – ooTunes is an iOS app for streaming if you wanted to help them

new ooTunes – ooTunes found a stream we don’t have

Simulcasts – only simulcast stations for quick reviews

New Stations – FCC has given birth to a brand new baby radio station

Low Power FM – the 100 watt community activist stations

Under Construction – the most useful – stations with a new web site, call sign change, new owners

Silent – stations believed to currently be silent


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