Which brand will your next car be – Apple or Google?

GM has sided with Google. At their developers conference, Google laid out their vision for many things, one of which is

Android Auto

Working in conjunction with your Android phone, your console can show turn by turn navigation, make phone calls, sent text messages using just voice control.

One of my disappointments with Siri is its dependence on looking at and touching the screen. If I say to Siri “I need directions to Walmart”, it will show a list of Walmarts and demand that I look at the list and touch the one I want. Siri could be programmed to ask (maybe in a hands free mode) – “I found 5 Walmarts near you – would you like me to read the list to you?” And then a Yes/No voice response to select which one. Many times Siri will ask a yes / No question but not allow a voice response.

When I was driving across Pennsylvania from CT to Chicago, I tried to use Siri for sending texts to my cousin without looking at the screen. It was infuriating. No matter how many times it misunderstood the name of my cousin, it didn’t learn after 10 times of me answering “no” to “Do you want to sent this text to Taco Bell?”. Siri also invariably thinks my questions are related to the menus of nearby restaurants and announces things like “there is no restaurant nearby that has Google Kit Kat”. Since this is all done in server side software, I figured Siri would become better after 5 years. If anything, it is worse, and Siri can’t even sing a song. I switched Siri to use a male voice.

Cortana is coming to iOS

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  1. Parrott says:

    “Which brand will your next car be – Apple or Google?”

    Neither, Crap on that ! I don’t want no ‘drive for me’ car. I guess when I get mega-old (if) I could change my mind. But that would be hypocritical. I like being a driver. I like working on 17 year old Jeep.
    Google keeps screwing with google maps. Google annoys the crap out of you , they have something good and they say ‘Lets screw with it’ Make it phone optimized so it looks like crap on a computer. Or Lets put Flash in it and really annoy people.
    I have switched to openstreetmap.org but they have no street view or satellite.
    Oh well, rain on the scarecrow.
    Have a good one.

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    A lot of politics here. Barking voice commands and even having a conversation are as distracting as using a handheld to press on the name of the contact from a short list of recent calls or favorites yet some of those activities are legal and others are not.

    Generally, you can press and search and type on your GPS all day long while driving but can not press the redial button on your phone.

    Somewhere someone recently got a ticket for driving with Google glasses yet they were meant to assist drivers…. obviously watching a movie on Netflix when driving is not smart, but seeing the map projected in front of you would be useful.

    Its all about UI and usability and the government is now known for that.

    • Art Stone says:

      Well, once the car is driving itself and you are sitting in the back seat, you can watch Netflix all you want

      • CC1s121LrBGT says:

        Uber’s goal is to make it so you don’t own a car unless you are a driver. They say most cars sitting idle in parking lots or garages most of the day are mis-allocated resources…

        their idea is the same as Southwest Airlines was back when they started – minimize turnaround time between flights. Time on the ground is time when the plane is not earning revenue. (so they focused on “line segments” of rapid stops in small airports along the way to the final stop for the day, rather than hub-spoke flights with long waits to get the planes back in the air.)

        • Art Stone says:

          The 16 hours a day I’m not sleeping in my bed is a wasted resource

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            Don’t get me going on this one. I am old enough to remember shared PCs in the workplace… and before that, shared computer terminals… and before that shared phones.

            I used to remind the fragile management that we could reduce purchasing expenses by sharing pencils. 😉

            • CC1s121LrBGT says:

              oops- that was “frugal management”, not “fragile management”. It was sarcasm, but I know what you are thinking – there is just so much lead (graphite) in a pencil and it will not be wasted if people have their own pencil. My argument was that I had never seen one at work sharpened down to a nub not much bigger than the eraser. Most of them were lost or stolen long before that. By instituting a management process where people had to sign them out and sign them back in, they would be fully used…. this libertarian humor. 😉

      • TheChairman says:

        What I haven’t heard anyone discuss with ‘self-driving’ vehicles is the impact on insurance rates, liability, and “drivers licenses”.

        Auto Insurance rates should drop significantly, and rates could no longer be based on one’s driving history, accidents, DUI, etc.

        How will insurance companies justify their premiums? Lots of money is made on tiered schedules, SR-22’s, and other ripoffs.

        The only real difference would be with the ‘value’ of the vehicle.

        Are Google and Apple prepared to accept (pay) for full liability?

        • Art Stone says:

          Early on, Google made a video of a guy “driving” his self driving car to McDonalds – with the punch line at the end that the man is legally blind.

          There is no particular reason self driving vehicles couldn’t take children to school.

          Who gets the speeding ticket?

          There are situations that are still tricky like – how does the car know whether to stop for a stopped school bus in the opposing direction? The laws on that vary by state. How about crosswalks? In CT, you have to stop before the person enters the street and technically stay stopped until the person is completely over on the other sidewalk. What about bicycles? Farm tractors on rural roads?

          In google’s view of the world, people will not own their cars. They will open their uber app and request a car.

          Think what that would have meant if that system was in place during Hurricane Katrina

          • Art Stone says:

            Of course, if children were taken to school by self driving cars, there would be no school buses.

            • CC1s121LrBGT says:

              Perhaps it will finally lead to “school choice” as each student can be taken to his or her chosen school. Cover the vehicles with solar cells rather than paint and how can liberals refuse?

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