Jammin’ Pig *updated*

Be there or be square


Yesterday’s crowd





No pushing!


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  1. Art Stone says:

    I feel confident I was the only person to actually pay $15 to get in.

    The person I felt the worst for was – as the first show was getting ready, a DJ from one of the radio stations (new to the South) pushed his young son in front of the microphone to get the crowd excited… “Let’s hear a big cheer!”


    I was about a block away and didn’t / couldn’t make it to the stage, didn’t have BBQ from either vendor and security was nice enough to get me back to my car.

    Harry Callahan – “a man has got to know his limitations”. I found mine. Cheaper than getting an MRI. It was 85° – hot but not Oklahoma

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    I think so. The 102 Jamz is a hip hop station, but the concert has all the paw prints on it of 93.1 The Wolf.

    Therefore, The Wolf ate the jams. QED 😉

    • Art Stone says:

      Jamz, n00b

      Entercom has 6 stations in the Greensboro market, which either proves the 1996 market limits that encourage clustering were a great idea or a disaster. I asked the black men at the gate wearing the Simon Tshirts if they worked for Entercom. They mumbled that they did and basically seemed embarrassed. Simon is the A/C “Simon plays what he wants” station, they probably work for Jamz 102 and are spending Sunday working at a Country Music concert with 5 people in the audience.

      They didn’t teach this in radio school.

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