Kevin Jackson replacing Jim Sumpter on USA Network.

Kevin Jackson is one angry black “Conservative” man ready to kick Rush Limbaugh’s ass, bringing fresh blood to talk radio. If you don’t know who he is, don’t feel bad.


He’s been doing a late night show called “BlackSphere” that airs on a few Salem Talk Radio stations. His show was (is?) on from 9 PM to midnight ET.

Before your white guilt consumes you, don’t bring that Trojan Horse inside your fort without looking inside… even if he says he is as Christian as Barack Obama.

Patriot Update and BlackSphere are two of the the many web properties that are managed by the Liberty Alliance.

The speaker is the head of the Democratic Party in Palm Beach County, Florida. Paging Glenn Beck… Please pick up the nearest red courtesy phone.

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9 Responses to Kevin Jackson replacing Jim Sumpter on USA Network.

  1. Linda S. says:

    I like Kevin Jackson. He is a true black conservative. He does have a white wife but that doesn’t bother me…

  2. briand75 says:

    Why would Kevin want to “take on” Rush Limbaugh? If you are a conservative, you should likely be thrilled to work in the same media space as Rush. Trojan Horse – yes indeed.

    • Art Stone says:

      The new GOP chairman in NC is a supporter of Ben Carson.

      One of the reasons Hillary lost in 2008 was Obama flooded the Caucus meetings with bused in black people and the white people were intimidated into not asking for proof the participants actually lived in the state.

      Not to belabor the old story, but Republicans made this same error in Michigan. Bill Lucas was a fine black man – former FBI agent and ran Wayne County for 4 years (Detroit is in Wayne County). In 1985, Lucas realized the error of his ways, switched from being a Democrat to Republican.

      Republicans apparently thought that blacks in Detroit would vote for a Black Republican over a White Democrat and / or the out state Republicans (mostly in Grand Rapids) wanted to assuage their racial guilt.

      James Blanchard won reelection in 1986 with 68% of the vote, delaying the Republican victory of James Engler by 4 years. Blacks did not vote for Bill Lucas and White Republicans stayed home.

      Ann Coulter is exactly right – as unappealing as it sounds, Republicans need to focus on white voters and forget trying to appeal to blacks and Mexicans. The “press” will badger them incessantly. We’re playing for all the marbles.

      • briand75 says:

        Amen – It seems that black folks need to convince black folks that conservatism is the way to go. Conservatives need to go into the neighborhoods and ask for the vote unabashedly and that’s all they can do.

        Governor Engler – if I remember correctly, he was a huge breath of fresh air. I lived in MI during that time and taxes went down overall and we stopped paying for schools from illegal property taxes. Since then – disaster (more Big Democrats).

        • Art Stone says:

          I lived in Michigan from 1981 to 1997. Republicans are back in control of Michigan and working as hard as they can to undo the damage to the state and figuring out an economy not based on making cars. The legislature back then was held captive to two main groups – school teachers and insurance companies.

          I don’t know if this is typical of other states, but the Michigan Senate is not based on one County = one Senator – it is based on population, making it just a smaller version of the House. The only purpose for that would seem to be to double the bribe demands

          • CC1s121LrBGT says:

            That is interesting, Art. It would be interesting to see a comparison. I seem to recall that when Jesse Ventura was Governor of MN, he was pushing to change the state from a bicameral structure to a unicameral structure citing “red tape”.

            As you probably know, the Federal government was set up in the Constitution as a bicameral structure where the House represented the people, and the Senate represented the state governments – that was to keep the Federal government from overstepping its Constitutional powers. Once that was changed so that the state governments have no representation, we have lots of lawsuits, corruption and “campaign contributions” as well as a “global initiative” here and there.

            • Art Stone says:

              Minnesota apparently is set up that each Senate district is split into two house seats. The Senators also have longer terms.

              One of my actions if I was King would be to require each State to have one Female and one Male US Senator (ignoring for the moment the transgender issue). This would greatly speed up the process.

            • Art Stone says:

              North Carolina scrapped the notion of Senators representing a county in the 1830s. That gave farmers too much control over the cities. It looks like State Senate districts being drawn based on population is the norm.

              Connecticut abolished counties a while back as being unnecessary duplication of services.

  3. Art Stone says:

    In slightly related news, the North Carolina Republican Party just elected its first black Chairman since Reconstruction

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