Is The Blaze smoldering?

There are three news items about Glenn Beck and they seem related

– the woman who Glenn hired away from Huffington Post to run The Blaze has left
– the top of the hour Blaze news headlines service is ending in August
– Glenn Beck is taking a four week medical leave

Glenn would appreciate your prayers

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2 Responses to Is The Blaze smoldering?

  1. briand75 says:

    I still think he has a financial juggernaut. As many times as he has tried to screw it up, it is still functional. The Blaze may morph into something else, Glenn isn’t good at news and information, just scary things.

    • Art Stone says:

      Over the years, he has said multiple times he pushes forward with ideas God tells him to do without considering the costs and let other people find the money to make it work. Going around buying up historic artifacts for a museum and writing them off as a business expense might be testing unchartered territory.

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