People’s Attorney convicted of Mortgage fraud

Warren Ballentine, former Radio One talk host, has been convicted of mortgage fraud in Federal Court. He will get no jail time.

In a couple sentences, the indictment said he was the attorney on a series of fraudulent mortgages. It was a special program only for new home buyers who were going to live in the home. Warren pushed through the paperwork for multiple mortgages for the same buyer on the same day, obvious fraud.

Warren’s defense is he was inexperienced as a real estate lawyer and didn’t understand what he was doing, and by the way – his children will suffer if he goes to jail. Shuck and Jive is still effective as a defense.

The jury convicted him on six counts, but the judge threw out 3 of them. He has been a federal district court judge since 1999, appointed by Bill Clinton. He seems very popular with criminal Defense lawyers.

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  1. Art Stone says:

    Probably worth mentions that in 2013, my initial reaction was the Obama administration was trying to clear the stage of any future black leaders. The indictment was pretty clear evidence of fraud (if factual), but does look more like selective prosecution

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