$17,000 per Obamacare enrollee

One of the favorite mantras of socialists is that the profits earned by capitalist corporations is “waste” that doesn’t exist if government runs things itself.

Hawaii is terminating its Obamacare exchange.


Now that the Federal subsidies are winding down, Hawaii has spent $130 million to cover 8,200 people, which works out to $17,000 per person. The article doesn’t mention how many people have been added to Medicaid.

Now that the Supreme Court removed the carrot of allowing subsidies only to states that set up their own exchanges, the article predicts that many states will turn over control to the Federal exchange run by HHS.

Anthem (who runs Blue Cross for Federal employees and states without their own local BC/BS franchise) is taking over CIGNA, one of the largest private health insurers. Aetna, which already bought Coventry (the other national health insurer in the Federal exchange) is buying Humana

http://www.courier-journal.com/story/money/companies/2015/07/22/humana-boosted-ceos-package-aetna-deal/30533719/. Golden Rule was acquired by United HealthCare.

Pretty much all of the remaining health insurers are imploding. Employers are moving to self insurance or private pooling to stay out of the Obamacare net.

I told my M.D. niece that the Obamacare plan to destroy private insurance is right on track, and single payer is about two years away, and that doesn’t depend on who wins the elections. “Repeal and replace” will have no insurance business to return to. The only two remaining options will be Blue Cross or Medicare being the Federal single payer. If blue Cross declares bankruptcy, it is “game over”

If Medicare and Medicaid become the single payer, there will be nobody left for hospitals and doctors to “cost shift” to, and they will quickly collapse, requiring government taking over providing health services as well. Kaiser Permanente is waiting in the wings.


Cuba pays its doctors $75 a month and is busy training Americans to return to the United States to spread the revolution. It takes a long time to pay off the loans for a medical education making $75 a month. My niece is a Socialist and supports Bernie Sanders. I’m seriously thinking of supporting him, too.

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6 Responses to $17,000 per Obamacare enrollee

  1. Art Stone says:

    If Republicans wanted to kill Obamacare, here is how – change the ACA to limit the annual first dollar deductible to $1500 – it is scheduled to go up to $6,600 in 2016. Capping the deductible and annual maximum out of pocket was part of the original plan – but the Obamacare architects realized a low deductible would force the premiums up by about $300 a month, requiring either huge subsidies or allowing most Americans (especially younger healthy people) off the hook because of the 8% of income exemption from paying the penalty for not having insurance.

  2. CC1s121LrBGT says:

    Get those Cuban docs internet access and with your FitBit and selfies, they will be able to write a lot of Big Pharma scripts without leaving their socialist paradise. Call it a health Uber, or Uber 2.0.

  3. briand75 says:

    The Obama plan will trap millions of baby boomers in the single payer predicament where they won’t be able to afford any health care coverage, much less Obamacare. This is a national tragedy.

    • Art Stone says:

      Republicans can’t even kill the Export Import bank without invoking the circular firing squad. The country is in a perfect condition for someone suspending the government process. The lack of self-discipline with 16 Presidential candidates doesn’t build confidence about the future. Running for President is not a reality TV show on the Comedy Channel

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