Bottom fishing

CharlotteNC is the czar of North Carolina radio, looking to take over all of the Confederate territories.

The Source In Spartanburg SC is an AM/FM pair owned by the feeble Davidson Media group, which has slowly been unloading a number of stations that were bought using borrowed money during the radio bubble after the 1996 Telecom reform act. They’re almost done. Deal to sell 12 stations

The buyer fairly obviously intends to operate them as Spanish language radio stations. The Source is a Nostalgia music station, with the centerpiece of the live programming being Awake with Drake. Bill Drake died in July 2014 at age 73 from cancer. And so it goes…

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  1. briand75 says:

    Interesting stuff. I guess there is some etiquette in Radio – they have a memoriam posted on the site. Spanish language stations – joy – what does that tell us about our country?

    • Art Stone says:

      No comprendo

    • Art Stone says:

      Back when I was doing the thing, Que Pasa media approached me to buy ads to “reach the Hispanic market” (I was in Connecticut at the time, not North Carolina). Charlotte has sent signals that it will welcome the new Spanish speaking immigrants, but the “Magnet” schools are now being overloaded with children who don’t speak English, driving out the funding that might have gone to help the Black children who come from backgrounds with parents who lack the skills to get their children ready to learn. Charlotte has the potential to become Chicago, where black and mexican drug gangs fight for turf and the middle class blacks get caught in the cross fire.

      People with the resources are fleeing across the border into South Carolina – they can’t build apartments and subdivisions fast enough, however the lack of basic infrastructure is going to keep that going fairly slow – water systems, sewage treatment, electricity, roads, schools, etc…

      And no streetcar!

      The Lynx LRV system was originally intended to run to Pineville, which is very close to the NC/SC border, but the city fathers there wisely said “No Thanks” to the mugger mover.

  2. Art Stone says:

    This happened several years ago, but just caught it today – Brian especially will appreciate how it slipped through.

    Moody Bible Institute in Chicago was one of the very early AM radio pioneers. Lacking the funds and political clout of NBC, they build a national radio network sending out the programming on long playing records. A preacher talking about the parable of the square rock doesn’t matter if it is live, made last week or 20 years ago.

    WMBI-AM was the flagship station in Chicago. The Moody Bible AM flagship is now Spanish language.

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