August 2015 farm report

The New York Times is glad to print the report from the Department of human husbandry that the current pig crop has been modified to reduce its calorie count.

Now that progress has been made, further efforts can be made to convince Americans to swap their car for a bicycle and move their family into a 300 sq foot “cabin”.

I don’t remember who said this was coming – it could have been anyone from Alex Jones to Rush Limbaugh – that the government was going to put extreme pressure on soda companies to reduce serving sizes. 2 liter sodas were becoming 1.25, but the biggie is shrinking the can of soda. As long as I can remember, soda comes in 12 oz cans. Today, the only size of Pepsi products available (other than in 12 can cases) were 7.5 oz, in 8 packs

(8 * 7.5 = 60 oz – vs 6 * 12 oz =72)


The 8×7.5 was $3.00, the 12×12 was $4.40. I would suggest that most Americans would not fall for this, but then I look at the success of the “dollar” stores where people pay $9 a pound for inexpensive candy

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  1. RebelSansClue says:

    Yep. Getting people to pay more for less 🙁

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