Tunein goes Premium

Tunein introduced a new paid subscription service. The main feature is 600 channels will be available without commercials, with carefully selected filler music covering the commercial breaks, along with Baseball.


Tunein is a much bigger deal than SRGuide is or ever intends to be. The demands of venture capital firms and meeting payroll every week is a lot of pressure. Tunein is not just the ~11,000 licensed radio stations in the United States, but 100,00 “stations” all over the world. Tunein wants to be the “app” running in your car. How one selects a station out of 100,000 choices while driving the car will require careful thought.

To substitute filler music for ads has to require consent of the radio station, or it would be a clear copyright violation. At this point, I don’t know who the 600 stations are – anyone know?

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  1. Art Stone says:

    Radio stations that stream with TuneIn already have devices in place to swap their ads on the regular broadcast with digital ads for the online one. TuneIn’s commercial-free feature simply helps the programmer play a song the same length as the ad break instead.

    Useful to know if I’m an over the air adverising client

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