Section 606

While looking at a recent FCC license authorization, I noticed interesting legal language referencing Section 606 of the Communications Act of 1934 – the law that created the FCC

This license is subject to the right of use or control by the
Government of the United States conferred by Section 606 of the
Communications Act of 1934.

So the US Goverment has a right to take over radio stations and control them? I’m shocked, I tell you.

Not that the law really constrains the President, under what circumstances could the President seize control of all radio and TV stations?

Section 606:

During the continuance of a war in which the United States is engaged, the President is authorized, if he finds it necessary for the national defense and security, to direct that such communications as in his judgment may be essential to the national defense and security shall have preference or priority with any carrier subject to this chapter. He may give these directions at and for such times as he may determine, and may modify, change, suspend, or annul them and for any such purpose he is authorized to issue orders directly, or through such person or persons as he designates for the purpose, or through the Commission. Any carrier complying with any such order or direction for preference or priority herein authorized shall be exempt from any and all provisions in existing law imposing civil or criminal penalties, obligations, or liabilities upon carriers by reason of giving preference or priority in compliance with such order or direction.

How about that “War on Terror”? Thank you very much, George W Bush.

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  1. RebelSansClue says:

    Yep. “Sorry, we’ll need to take away Rush and Savage for awhile. The President “neeeeeeeeeds” the bandwidth, don’t you know. It’s for your protection! From the terrorists. Sigh.

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