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Section 606

While looking at a recent FCC license authorization, I noticed interesting legal language referencing Section 606 of the Communications Act of 1934 – the law that created the FCC This license is subject to the right of use or control … Continue reading

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Russia TV: Russia could turn the US into radioactive ashes Russia will announce sanctions tomorrow against US Senators. john McCain laughs. Putin moves his chess piece and Displays discovered check. Barack Obama challenges Putin to a game of HORSE on the White House basketball court. John Boehner challenges Putin … Continue reading

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The other shoe just dropped

One of my predictions from 2009 just came true – it was one that made sense to delay to Obama’s second term. It was just on the news… The prediction was that Obama and Holder would open the gates of … Continue reading

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Undemocratic Democracy If your plans included denouncing your US citizenship and moving to Paraguay, pay attention. The Senate in Paraguay voted 39-4 to kick President Lugo out of office after he pushed for land reform and violence erupted between poor peasants … Continue reading

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Spain: Arrest warrants for 1989 deaths in El Salvador In the new paradigm of using lawyers to provoke conflict in the name of peace, the bankrupt Spain has made prosecuting the military of El Salvador for alleged killings of so-called “priests” in 1989. If you’re wondering “Why … Continue reading

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Train Crash in New York – millions hurt! Well, actually it was in Hoboken, New Jersey.   A train overshot the station and bumped into the barrier at the end of the track. Upon hearing the news of the crash, 87,259 residents of Hoboken, Newark and Jersey City rushed … Continue reading

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Lighting the fuse…

Dearborn, Michigan I’m really confused by this story.   Terry Jones is the guy who burned a Quran in South Carolina, and he has now shown up at Dearborn, Michigan – home of one of the largest Arab communities in the … Continue reading

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