Mike Malloy wakes in Sleepy Hollow

Mike Malloy, the foul mouthed extreme “progressive” host too extreme for Air America – has had his revelation. He announced today that after 6 1/2 years, he has realized Barack Obama is a dishonest, corrupt man and cannot be trusted. He apologized for being so slow to catch on.

Will he back tomorrow blaming the Bush family for destroying the world? Probably.

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2 Responses to Mike Malloy wakes in Sleepy Hollow

  1. briand75 says:

    He must be like Ed what’s-his-name. I have never heard of him. Of course I am not a fan of hate radio.

    It sounds like Mr. Malloy could shack up with Keith Olberman and that Progressive Lesbian hatemonger whose name I forget.

    • Art Stone says:

      Eddie Schultz was to some degree a cartoon character. Before the DNC and labor unions offered to bankroll his syndication on Jones Radio, he was a local guy in North Dakota who was a strong gun rights activist. One problem with all people in show business is you can end up becoming the character you’re playing and lose track of who you are, or maybe Shakespeare was right – that we all are just bit players on a stage.

      Malloy is a big Bernie Sanders supporter. A big part of his issue with Obama was his perception that Obama is being too confrontational with Mother Russia. Malloy is only on a handful of stations and late in the evening.

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