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Another Progressive Talker throws in the towel

WXXM-FM in Sun Prairie WISCONSIN (Madison) is switching to Classic Hits. Madison Wisconsin plans to secede from the United States and join Canada according to my Russian puppet masters.

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Mike Malloy wakes in Sleepy Hollow

Mike Malloy, the foul mouthed extreme “progressive” host too extreme for Air America – has had his revelation. He announced today that after 6 1/2 years, he has realized Barack Obama is a dishonest, corrupt man and cannot be trusted. … Continue reading

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Big Eddy not good enough for MSNBC

Former Progressive radio talker Ed Schultz left Westwood One’s liberal gabfest in May 2014 to devote his full effort to his show on MSNBC. He had relocated from North Dakota to Washington DC so he could kiss ass in person. … Continue reading

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Open WYD

Stephanie Miller and Thom Hartmann have a new boss. inside Radio It’s convoluted and I don’t really follow it. They were originally working for Jones Radio, which was acquired by Dial Global, which merged with Westwood One, which was acquired … Continue reading

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Ed Schultz pulls the plug

Perhaps Cumulus is getting around to demanding pay cuts, maybe advertisers realize how few “progressive” talk stations are left… Whatever the reason, hot on the heels of Randi Rhodes – Ed Shultz will do his final show on Friday of … Continue reading

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Randi Rhodes leaves syndication

Today is the last day Randi Rhodes will be heard on Premiere radio. Randi wound up working for the “evil” Clear Channel after the failure of Air America and the “progressive” Novo M network in Phoenix. Coinciding with her leaving, … Continue reading

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WWRL-AM in New York saying “Adios”

Tom Taylor’s newsletter confirms yesterday’s rumor that the one time New York affiliate of the so-called Progressive Air America talk network is getting ready to go to Spanish Talk. Prior to selling its soul to the Democratic Party, it programmed … Continue reading

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Taking the Rhodes less traveled

Progressive Talker Randi Rhodes started her journey in South Florida and going through the Air America mess and wound up back on Premiere in “syndication” She creates the show from 3-6 PM, but most of the ten affiliates that I … Continue reading

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Yet another Progressive Talker goes under

WXCO-AM in Wausau Wisconsin has been running the Dial Global Progressive lineup – Press, Schultz, Miller, Hartmann + Rhodes. It’s been replaced with Adult Standards – Sinatra, Dean Martin, Streisand, Barry Manilow and Elton John. The Voice has stopped talking. … Continue reading

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Michael Baisden says “Why is my door locked”?

Baisden was syndicated by our friends at Cumulus Media. He is another of the talents inherited from Citadel who inherited him from ABC Radio. Reportedly his long term contract was for $6 million a year – there is no way … Continue reading

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