My Free Google T-Shirt


The fact that a 2XL T-shirt easily fit in my condo mailbox gives a hint at just how flimsy the material is, unless maybe it is carbon nanotube fibers.

Time Warner has generously offered to let me remain a customer for only an additional $25 a month. AT&T DSL won’t let me get past the credit check page and installing a copper line telephone I don’t need or want. I can’t believe they still charge to not be listed in the phone book. I haven’t called 411 in at least 30 years.

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  1. RebelSansClue says:

    You’re getting fiber internet then? How much is it per month?

    Why would AT&T need to install another telephone, or do you not have landline service?

    • Art Stone says:

      I don’t have a landline. DSL without dial tone is possible – that way no need for splitters. It’s called “Naked DSL” – but they don’t want to sell that. A third party can step in and offer to rent the copper pair, but Southern Bell/AT&T has a tariff that is likely more than what AT&T charges for the complete DSL. Back in the day, a company named Covad sold that, but after about a week they realized buying some for $20 and selling it for $15 [not real prices], you can’t make a profit through more volume. Add in the AT&T engineers accidentally cutting wires and customers having no service for days – you get the picture. So Covad dropped residential service and focused on business where they could deliver more, like corporate email, anti-virus, network consulting, etc

      No official pricing for Alphabet / Google fiber. In other cities, you can pay a one time $300 installation, then free 3(?) Mbps service, or $70/month for 1gbps up down – just don’t actually use it for anything 😉

    • Art Stone says:

      AT&T has aggressively been rolling out a competing Gigabit service, but even the more modest uverse (fiber to the neighborhood, copper the last mile) is not available in my neighborhood. I had uverse in Connecticut (no TV starting around 2008 and was very happy with it. I have issues with TWC beyond the price that I wrote about in the past.

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