Fred Thompson Dead at 73

Former Senator Fred Thompson of Tennessee has died from lymphoma.

Some may remember that when Bill O’Reilly ended his radio show, Westwood One chose Fred Thompson as his replacement in December 2008. The show didn’t begin until March 2009 because Fred needed to build a studio in his home. The show ended in January 2011.

What’s your favorite memory of Fred Thompson ON HIS RADIO SHOW?

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6 Responses to Fred Thompson Dead at 73

  1. briand75 says:

    I could barely stand O’Reilly, so I turned it off at that time. I think I heard Fred once or twice – I remember he had his wife on with him. A nice touch I thought.

  2. foyle says:

    My memory of trying to listen to Fred’s radio show is that Fred was NOT cut out to be a radio host. His show was darn near unlistenable. Even Bill O’Reilly was better than him (and Bill was pretty awful on radio).

    RIP Mr. Thompson.

  3. I was a fan of the radio show. I enjoyed Fred’s laid-back style — pretty much antithetical to today’s talk radio program directors.

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