Why I’m a hermit

Well, part of the reason…

Yesterday, it was time to invoke my official Senior status at the buffet place. Stephanie introduced herself as my attendent or whatever the appropriate term is. After loading up on chicken noodle soup, there was a commotion maybe 20 feet away.

The place I visit is within walking distance of the LRV line and not really much housing nearby. The typical patrons (outside of lunch time) are black families and old white people, and some Hispanics and Asians – in other words, typical Charlotte people (excluding the snotty Millenial types who immigrated here from Seattle or Boston).

I wasn’t paying a lot of attention, but I did hear one of the staff asking a black gentleman “so, did you delete it from Facebook?”. There was anger in the air. What they had filmed and why they placed it on Facebook is a mystery. Vigilante camera “Justice” is all the rage these days.

Maybe 5 minutes later, a different woman came over and left her “card”. I asked where Stephanie was (she was probably surprised I paid attention). She told me Stephanie was “taking her break”. I’m pretty sure that was a lie and related to the incident.

Maybe 5 years ago, while standing in line at Wendy’s in CT, a young boy (probably 9 or 10 years old) was pointing his cell phone camera, clearly with the intent of taking my picture. What his intent was is hard to know, but I can’t think of a good outcome.

This genie of very inexpensive high resolution cameras is not going away. I see no obvious solution.

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