My New Years Resolution


I’m done. The goose is cooked. I’ve had enough and I ain’t gonna take no more.

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  1. Parrott says:

    Hmmmm My company won’t let us progress by windows 7 .
    That don’t sound good Art, Microsoft is so ate up with the dumb-asses sometimes. I have been using ubuntu on some older laptops, but it’s not lived up to what I want it to do.
    Ubuntu runs really well on one D630 with 4 gig of ram and the other one, an machine with the same hardware and ram, the cpu is hitting all the time and runs slow. strange.

    I do miss good old XP sp3 .

    • Fred Stiening says:

      What I probably should do is some full disk drive backup where if the XP machine gets infected, I could just put the backup drive online while disconnected from the Internet and restore it back. The reality is I use Windoze for nothing now. The only time I boot it (like today) was to sync the iPad and iPhone using iTunes. People have had varying degrees of success running iTunes under WINE on Ubuntu.

      I’m back to thinking Chromecast tablet might be a reasonable compromise. I don’t anticipate going back to work. If an employer needs me win10 enabled, they can provide the system.

      With two similar systems and a huge CPU difference my first guess is the video hardware. Onboard graphics chips vary widely. One of my computers had an Intel motherboard chip that did almost nothing. It relied heavily on the main CPU to do much of the grunt work via shared memory. It was a way to cut a few bucks out of the costs but killed performance and made the main CPU run hot.

    • CC1s121LrBGT says:

      Parrott, have you compared the settings on the two machines, swap files, virtual memory, etc?

      If it is the video hardware as Fred suggests, you might be able to find and compare the details of the two laptops. If you find one has much slower hardware, you may want to try decreasing its video resolution so it has fewer pixels to calculate.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Another thing I learned the hard way – particularly with portable computers is CPUs have been created that adjust the clock speed based on workload. Because CPUs can generate a lot of heat and consume a lot of power, if the laptop isn’t doing anything, the CPU just idles at a slow clock rate, which means less heat to dissipate and less power drain to keep a fan running. The newer the laptop, the less power/heat the CPU is dealing with.

        The point of that story is 100% is more ambiguous than it was in the good old days. On my laptop I was spending a lot of time playing Runescape which simulates a 3D world. To keep the graphics flowing, they deliberately forced the CPU to be 100% busy. The result was the thing overheated and destroyed the battery pack and made the plastic parts brittle. In Windoze, there was a power management option to disable the power management if the laptop is permanently plugged in and adequately ventilated. I’m not in front of the Ubuntu machine to look.

        In lots of ways, Linux still suffers because of the mentality of many of the developers who are just happy living in the 1970s using a command line with 13,200 command line switches to memorize and needing to understand regular expressions and parameter substitution. Your grandma is never going to use Linux, even if she was Grace Hopper.

      • Parrott says:

        Hi CC , You know, I thought I had check settings, I will look around in Ubuntu again and see what I can find. I had deleted the XP OS and formatted the HD , and presumed they would be the same. The CPU is suppose to be the same clock speed on both Laptops.
        I’ll look at that video, its on board in the dell.

        I appreciate the help you and Fred have suggested.

  2. Fred Stiening says:

    Oh, about that OneDrive data you stored in the cloud because you were using Win10… you didn’t really want it, did you?

  3. Fred Stiening says:

    Unless someone steps forward, that means the end to all stream testing that isn’t HTML5 or AAC/AAC+ compatible.. I won’t expose Windows XP to the Internet and I refuse to run a system that does an involuntary update that takes an hour and 5 reboots to install.

    To “fix” the win10 that I broke by removing Fedora, I would have to download a 3.5 GB win10 ISO, but a win XP machine is not permitted to create the media. Because Win10 now protects the Master Boot Record from viruses, I can’t repair the MBR.

    So Ubuntu/Grub2 own the system. The win10 partition is still readable to access documents. The iPad can do basic Microsoft Office work if I had to. Time to draw a middle finger graphic

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