The Spanish Onion

Back in January, the Univsion Network bought “a large portion” of the legendary satirical web site that people frequently confused with real news.

So now that our Mexican neighbors are in charge, has it influenced the comedy?

Let’s click on politics and have a look at the targets

  • Hillary found cash in her coat
  • Trump crowd tosses around Syrian child
  • Sobbing Rubio
  • Mute Rubio
  • Confused Kasich
  • Trump supporters beat up GOP
  • Brutal Anti-Cruz ad
  • Women voters confuse pollsters
  • Bernie jumps into hotel swimming pool

Looks pretty normal from here!

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3 Responses to The Spanish Onion

  1. Parrott says:

    And the President in Cuba. LOL Wonder if he had to sleep on AF-1 ?
    Probably had his Che Guevara tee shirt on under his shirt.
    Dork. I bet ‘hanger-on’ Senator Patrick Leahy is with him espousing their medical system. Here Mr President, sign this document and we’ll give Raul Gitmo & kick in some cash for some paint.
    I would like to try a cigar from there.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Don’t take a cigar from Bill Clinton

      Many of the stories are downplaying the size of the entourage, and which people are on Air Force One and on the overflow plane. It’s all the usual suspects – Nancy Pelosi, Charlie Rangel, Patrick “leaky” Leahy, Tricky Dicky Durbin and a Republican or two.

      Trump is picking up on the significance of Raul not being thrilled to see Obama, but not the reason. Cubans drive 1950s cars not because they can’t buy new cars from Japan or Canada. Those cars symbolize the US sanctions and make the United States the enemy to unify the people. Every political movement needs an enemy. If the boogeyman goes away, the Castro regime collapses. On the American end, the free ride we give to Cuban refugees fleeing Communism goes away. Nobody really wants the sanctions to end.

      The CEO of Marriott was on Air Force One. Marriott is owned by the Mormon Church. They plan to refurbish three hotels in Cuba. When the Mormon missionaries show up, there could be a new revolution.

      • Parrott says:

        >”Don’t take a cigar from Bill Clinton<" LOL You got that right!
        Speaking of ol Bill, supposedly he has some medical issues, I read on another message board, that he has tardive diskenesia. That he needs to be on Cogentin before he starts publicly drooling. LOL Others speculate he may have dementia.
        How the mighty have fallen

        Thats one heck of an entourage with the obo,
        Bad news

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