Reality Check Time

In 2012, Barack Obama carried New York State with 63% of the vote. For purposes of the Electoral vote estimates, that makes New York a “safe Democratic state” unless there are polls to the contrary.

From Real Clear Politics List of polls on Monday, we have the November X vs Y polls


Stipulating the “well Reagan was behind in 1980 – things can change!”, the notion that Bernie Sanders can’t win is clearly not true. Anyone paying attention knows he is a life long Socialist, and supported Socialist movements around the world. What I’ve told people in real life is that while I’m skeptical about his agenda, I completely believe that he believes what he says he believes.

War and threatening war is my critical issue. Curiously, President Obama admitted on Sunday that topplimg Qaddafi in Libya was the biggest mistake of his Presidency. That’s a very curious admission the day before the cease fire takes effect in Yemen, where the US and Saudi Arabia have made no progress in their military operation other than indiscriminately killing civilians.

Yes, I did refer to the United States military as “they”.

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