Libertarian Party update

Cc let me know that Larry Elder was the moderator of the Libertarian Presidential debate at their convention.

REASON magazine is covering the convention of course

Ron Paul appeared on the Alex Jones on Friday – Ron Paul was very blunt that he won’t be supporting Trump. There was an extended conversation later in the show about the convention and how anti-Trump Republicans were going to try to hijack the party. Former Massachusetts governor William Weld was specifically who they were talking about. Gary Johnson chose Weld as his VP. Weld was improbably elected as a Republican governor in a state with few Republicans. He resigned as Governor to become Ambassador to Mexico at the request of Bill Clinton, but North Carolina Senator Jesse Helmes blocked the appointment over Weld being a liberal. Weld has since moved to New York.

Unrelated to this story, I noticed that is now using the new commenting system being developed by the guy who runs – it has interesting possibilities. When you make comments, you earn points, in part from other people supporting you. Your points then allow you to indicate other comments have merit – or you can also buy points to promote your point of view without regard to consensus of the audience.

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Gary Johnson won nomination on the second ballot

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