A small victory

I’ll take them where I can get one…

People who have been here a while know my opposition to HFCS in sodas is close to a religious issue. Back when I went to the Bi-Lo supermarket near me, I made a big fuss that the store was out of stock in Pepsi’s “made with real sugar” soda, despite a very specific reassurance that new stock was arriving. The last time, there was only one 12 pack left, on the bottom shelf. I now shop at Walmart.

Today’s bombshell is Bi-Lo is introducing “throwback” Chek™ brand soda


The down side is Chek soda is pretty crappy (but cheap! – $2.80 for 12 pack, currently $2.00 on sale). For now, root beer is not a flavor. I might have to go buy some even if I throw it out!

Now if Coca Cola will get the hint, my life will be complete, and McDonalds goes back to cooking fries in animal fat…

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  1. JayMar says:

    Ahhhhh….McDonald’s old French fries…I am hungry

  2. RebelSansClue says:

    Ahh Bi-Lo. This Nutmegger went to college in the great lakes region in the early 90’s and Bi-Lo was the local supermarket. Fond memories 🙂 $2 for a 12 pack is damn good. Wish they had chek soda back then!

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Chek was the “house brand” for Winn-Dixie, which is still the parent company – they didn’t retain the Bi-Lo imaging. There have been a lot of grocery chains come and go since I lived here in the 1970s. Harris Teeter (way overpriced) was just recently bounty by Kroger’s. Publix from Jersey City, Florida has invaded big time in the last year. Whole foods has a place across the street from the “high end” Southpark Mall. There is a Trader Joe’s in a place that needs about 100 more parking spaces. Food Lion is the mediocre chain with close ties to where I went to college.

      The Chek cola is about as I remembered – it is artificially colored, artificially flavored sugar water. The cola would never be mistaken for the “real thing” but it is tolerable.

  3. Parrott says:

    LOL, durn you Fred ! I was at K-roger last week and I generally do not buy any soft drinks, but they had the Big-K grape soda on sale. I picked up a twelve pack. Couldn’t resist. I wanted to see if it had that ‘grape flavor created in a lab in Switzerland’ or close to what you said.
    I popped the top on a can. 1978 Scout camp came back. I remembered having a twelve pack under the army surplus cot, hell not even a cooler. I think that enhanced the grape flavor back then. These cans were half-way cold but the memories came back. Its killer how it made me remember the summers of the past
    My wife saw the cans in the fridge and she said, ‘ Where did the grape soda come from?’ I said K-roger. Its good !

    I think its all mine, LOL

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Back when I was in high school, maybe college, I bought a big thick book called “who runs America” or something like that. It basically went through every big company in America, giving a history of who created the company, what they do, prior mergers, who owns them, etc. one of the companies nobody has ever heard of is “International Flavor and Fragrance”


      Your sense of taste is very much related to your sense of smell. A lot of what we eat and drink we consider to be “normal” if it matches what chemists at IFF have trained us to believe something tastes like.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I see Kroger does indeed offer Made with Real Sugar soda. Coca Cola is in a global sales slump. Every time I see a Coca Cola employee, I reinforce if they want me back, they need to offer a real sugar option. Last time they pointed me to “real sugar” Coca Cola Life flavored with Stevia with about half the calories

  4. Fred Stiening says:

    On my last pickup trip to Walmart, I had ordered 2 12 packs of Pepsi made with real sugar. Jack who runs the operation remembers me because I showed up the day after his store added pickup, when nobody yet knew it existed. He was apologetic that he only had one and he even followed up with the Pepsi driver to find out why.

    Now the other shoe has dropped. The product has been dropped from the walmart grocery web site. The Pepsi web site says that Harris Teeter carries it, but I’m doubtful. If they do, it is about $2 more than walmart A year ago, the North Carolina Pepsi distributor refused to carry it and I used to have to drive to South Carolina

    Bi-lo’s weekly ad doesn’t list their store brand so I don’t know if they still carry it

    I have a stash of kool aid and five pounds of sugar. I hope that Coca Cola will be great again someday. Coca cola just announced it intends to reposition coca cola as what you order with your steak at Morton’s steak house.

    Pepsi has recently announced they intend to reduce the calorie count of their soda from 150 to 100 through the magic of science. I guess the FDA and CDC must be imposing a corporate average sugar economy standard on soda companies

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Good news – I stopped in at Bi-Lo and they had at least 9 12 packs of Pepsi Made With “Real” Sugar. Six are in the trunk of my car. The clerk who helped me started talking with me about Mountain Dew and cherry lemon sundrop. For just a moment I was living in North Carolina. Now I’m back home in Charlotte, New Jersey

      Mountain Dew has 170 calories vs 150 in Pepsi. I left behind some of their stock out of consideration to others when the sugar hits the fan (SHTF)

    • TheChairman says:

      HFCS… no thanks! We’ve been trying to avoid that stuff for years, along with all the ‘healthy substitutes’ which seem even worse (Splenda, Stevia, etc).

      Personally, I was a Coke man, Coca Cola Classic to be exact. I always wanted something ‘fizzy’ with a sandwich, chips, pizza, etc. Stopped drinking it years ago, then started up the habit again last year… and promptly quit again 4 months later. It just didn’t taste the same, plus a slight variation among distributors. BTW, I was told sugar-based Pepsi is distributed in Mexico. ??

      My other half prefers water or grape juice, and if she does ‘splurge’, it is Nehi Grape whenever it appears on some obscure store shelf at a reasonable price.

      Then, a few months ago, we decided to try to recreate a soda drink I had encountered during a marketing test at Magic Mountain, CA in 2000. The correct ingredients turned out to be: Ocean Spray 100% Juice (Cranberry), combined with Canada Dry soda water. Mix ~ 5 oz juice to 12 oz soda water.

      Store brand soda water is fine, the Ocean Spray 100% C-juice is the key.

      12 oz can of soda water + 5 oz Ocean Spray juice = 70 calories. No HFCS,

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Pretty much the only place Coca Cola has HFCS is in the United States. Mexican CocaCola can generally be found in Mexican gracery stores, but a little pricey – usually $1 per glass bottle.

        Another little secret is Coca Cola distributes sugar based coke during Passover. You can spot it because it has a different colored cap. The last time I bought some, it appeared to be bottled outside of the normal distribution channels – the label was on a little crooked and was vague about where it was bottled.

      • Fred Stiening says:

        Just to clarify about Pepsi, originally they brought back the sugar based Pepsi as “Pepsi throwback” – it was supposed to be a summertime only limited time deal, but it hung around for another year. They rebranded it as “Pepsi made with real sugar”. My sense is it probably is beet sugar rather than cane sugar.


  5. Fred Stiening says:

    The real thing

    It also comes in obscenely overpriced 6 packs of mini cans (7.5 oz)

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