The latest “active shooter mass killing”

Denver was abuzz yesterday. The original story was a guy had entered the Alliance Center, located across the street from Union Station in downtown. The alliance center is a progressive office building housing a number of different environmental and social justice organizations using shared office facilities.

A woman named Cara Russell was shot. By the time the police arrived, the shooter had committed suicide. The woman subsequently died. The children on the left are getting smarter to not immediately open with the assumption that the shooter is a wacko right wing NRA TEA party member.

The details came out today. The woman was the first executive director of a recycling program. She previously had been mayor of Buena Vista, Colorado. The shooter was her husband – she had filed for divorce in April and he was just served with the divorce papers.

News Coverage

The shooter, Mickey Russell, ran an airplane business based in Buena Vista’s airport

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  1. Fred Stiening says:

    Cara sued the city of Buena Vista for trying to fire her as mayor

    Mickey got in trouble because he had said he should fly his plane into a building. He had been in inpatient psychiatric care and had a restraining order against him.

    Their son had brain cancer from which he recovered. The couple had started a charity to use the airplane to fly sick animals around

    The developer of The Meadows – a subdivision that Cara fought then sued the newspaper which published a column written be her. The developer lost at trial and on appeal. That first amendment thingy

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