Did Rafael Cruz fight alongside Castro?

Donald Trump caught some flack for repeating the National Enquirer story about Ted Cruz’s father being involved in the Assassination of JFK, but there was little media interest in following up to see if it was true. The story was based on a photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald and Rafael Cruz handing out pamphlets together in New Orleans.

The other interesting aspect is Rafael Cruz claims to have been a supporter of Castro in the Cuban Revolution, working to overthrow Batista. Before Castro, the casinos in Havana were a huge business. Trump has been in the casino business, which means he probably has known Cubans with first hand knowledge.


It’s only an anecdote, but my father’s description of what happened with Cuba is the United States supported Castro in his war to oust Batista, but were shocked when Castro double crossed the CIA and turned out to be working for the Soviet Union.

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