Snowball in Hell

Or more accurately – SnoBall in South Carolina


Another thing I would not have experienced without Pokemania. Pelican Snoballs is a franchise that sells exactly one thing – SnoBalls. 100 varieties of them


Looking at the locations, most are in North and South Carolina – but as far flung as Florida and Pennsylvania. Looking at where, they seem to be targeted at communities with large numbers of lactose intolerant people. This one is located in Fort Mill SC and obviously has been there a long time. It looks like it was there before a small shopping center was built around it.

I also visited the nearby McDowell Nature Preserve. Back in the 1950s, Duke Power sold the idea to the State of North Carolina to dam up the entire length of the Catawba River, the largest river in the state, or at least the longest. The Catawba was not navigable and its main place in the history was as an obstacle to get across. There were a number of “fords”, places where the river was shallow enough for horses to cross.

The Duke Family has always carried a lot of weight in the state. Land for the dams was acquired (presumably by eminent domain), and Duke Power built a series of large hydroelectric dams. Not only did it mean renewable energy, the lakes were useful for coal generating plants and later nuclear power plants.

Power generation was a highly regulated industry, but land development was not. By putting the land left over into an unregulated subsidiary, over time, they could sell off the prime lakefront property. The most affluent such Devlopment is called Tega Cay. It is where Tammie Fae and Jim Bakker lived.

McDowell Nature Reserve is operated by Mecklenburg County. It has a boat launch on Lake Wylie, fishing pier, nature trails, picnic area and small camping area. And Pokéstops and two Pokégyms. There is no charge to enter it, not even an annual park pass. The place is around 1,100 acres and there were probably 20 cars spread out in the various parking areas.

If your typical teenager today caught a fish from a large man made lake, what are the chances they could be talked into cooking and eating it?

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