I knocked over my first Pokegym today


The Scaleybark Light Rail station is abuzz with Pokemon activity, primarily because it is festooned with a series of very large art works (undoubtedly very expensive). One of those large disks is a Pokégym, the venue where virtual dogfights occur. There are three teams – very early on, you have to choose a team, and it is a permanent choice. ArtStoneCLT is on team valor, the Red Team.

Each Pokégym is controlled by a team. You don’t necessarily have to know the other people that control a gym to join it. Members of the other two teams can try to “take over” the gym. Each member defending the gym can leave one Pokémon to fight off attackers. Pokémon don’t die when they are defeated – they “faint”. They can be revived and healed to battle again. Unless the defenders are physically present within about 150 feet of the gym, if you knock off one of the defenders, it doesn’t get replaced. Make every defender faint, and the gym is yours!

The combat is very simplistic and the long term benefit of controlling gyms is not yet clear.

Here is my awesome killer Pokémon


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6 Responses to I knocked over my first Pokegym today

  1. Fred Stiening says:

    The avatar looks *exactly* like me. Weird.

  2. briand75 says:

    LOL! Are those red socks? If it’s my generation – they should be white 🙂

    • Fred Stiening says:

      The appearance is configurable – the very first version of the app didn’t offer the ability to change your choices. So now if I want to be a black woman, no problem. Other players see your avatar when they fight you in a gym.

      If you’re lucky, Pokémon might spawn within range of your house, but that isn’t the case here. I have to go outside, and that is the point, after all.

  3. Parrott says:

    Hmmm, I don’t know about Pokeemon or Kim Jung-Un .

    I am going to get a new aluminum drive shaft for the Dodge Ram. That should help.
    I saw a poll by ‘Wotboa’ LOL
    Ol’ Wotboa had some good polls back in the day I hope he/she comes back around,


  4. Fred Stiening says:

    As you read media stories like the guy killed in San Francisco allegedly playing Pokémon near fisherman’s wharf, one of things to know is certain Pokémon are nocturnal – they only spawn after the sun goes down, hence people playing in cemeteries at 3 AM

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