There is gold in them thar hills

Have a look at this interesting building


This may be one of the most valuable buildings in Charlotte.  Why?  Well it certainly isn’t because of a demand for metal roof repairs.

The demolition of the building that used to house the Charlotte Observer and its publishing plant is complete.  The developer mentioned that they have acquired all the necessary land for their project – except for a building housing a metal shop.  Why is this so valuable?   It is right across the street from the stadium where the NFL Carolina Panthers play, in an area that previously housed marginal industrial businesses, warehouses and parking lots.  Let’s look from above…


The square building in the upper right corner is the demolished newspaper building.  The concrete looking area across Church street is a parking deck that also was demolished.  The sheet metal company is the building between the parking deck and the stadium.

If you look closely to the South of the parking deck, you’ll see the Charlotte subway as it goes underground.  Here is a ground level view:


Actually, Charlotte has no subway for the people on the Upper West Side to ride.  These were the tracks to take rolls of newsprint back to the loading docks.  Newsprint is too heavy to ship by truck, so it was common for big newspapers to have private sidings.   The track was removed in the area where the stadium was built, so these rails aren’t actually connected to anything.   Since newspapers no longer use hot metal type and everything is done electronically, the news room and presses no longer have to be in the same building. They have moved to the NASCAR office tower about two blocks away.

9 decades of printing comes to an end

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