A problem with Trump’s plan

Donald Trump has promised to deport criminal illegal aliens. That’s a popular idea, but it has a few practical problems.

Just because a Mexican citizen is in the United States does not mean they are here illegally. Your local police and prosecutors lack the information and background in immigration law to check whether a visa is valid and make those kinds of determinations.

The problematic part is Trump is proposing deportation upon arrest. Being arrested is not being a criminal. Arrest record and criminal history are two very different things. An arrest is not even to the level of an indictment, where a determination is made if there even was a crime committed. If you kick out the person who was arrested, that precludes even having a trial, since people accused of a crime have a constitutional right to a jury trial and to challenge their accusers. If this became an actual policy, it opens up the potential for corruption by law enforcement when just the threat of making an arrest results in automatic expulsion. Presumably that arrest means the person would permanently be barred from legal reentry.

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  1. JayMar says:

    Trump’s pipe dream. It looks good on paper but the actual implementation is nearly impossible. Whether we like it or not those people are here to stay, unfortunately. In Texas these people work for peanuts. That’s why most Texans don’t mow their lawns, or clean their pools, or wash their cars, or any of the things most people do in PA. The illegal labor force is so plentiful and so cheap that it does not pay to do it yourself. Just a quick drive to Home Depot parking lot and there they are just waiting. For $10 you can have your pool or car cleaned, for $25 a fence built, and for $60 a week you would have a servant to cook and clean for you. It’s sad but true, Republicans don’t want to get rid of these people.

    Then in order to survive, these illegals live10-15 to a small apartment. They sleep on the floor and eat beans and tortillas the whole day long, in order to send money to their relatives in Mex. This represents 27% of Mexican GDP, so the Mexican Gov does not want them either.

    I have seen eviction of these people from apartments where 10 apartments were closed for repairs and slightly more than 200 came out.

    If you live in a rural area (and I did in Hondo), you will constantly encounter these people begging for food. Once you feed one the house is somewhat marked and they will pour in almost every day. They call themselves “mojados” or will refer to themselves in English as wetbacks.

    There is very little anyone can do. You are torn between helping a fellow human or your political beliefs. Personally, I always kept a special set of dishes to feed them.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I struggled with my female friend in California over this as I was trying to decide if I aspired for us to go off into the sunset happily together. She is a retired California teacher who believes she is a Conservative Republican. I wasn’t so sure. I was looking more that she was being honest with me (and herself) than we had to agree. I was a bit skeptical given that she had only one job that wasn’t working for the government and hated it.

      A recurring theme she constantly came back to was the Mexicans were stealing her “birth right”. I think at one point I approached this as “you have mentioned this several times, so it must be important. I don’t want to misunderstand what you are telling me – what do you mean when you say “birth right”? (This was in 2004). The only clarity I have was that I don’t remember what she said. I think she was offended by the question and didn’t have an answer.

      Being born a US citizen has relatively few distinctions over the rights of naturalized citizens or even Permanent Resident Aliens (Green Cards). Citizens have a right to a US Passport and the right to leave the Country as you wish. Citizens have the right to vote and serve on Juries.

      Permanent Resident Aliens have the same second amendmebt rights as citizens (which surprises many people). Non-citizens can serve in the US military. (Trump blew this issue in the Commander in Chief show – a guy asked if he was OK with illegal immigrants serving in the US military. The military has a visa program for non-citizens who want a past track to US citizenship, not an amnesty program for illegals.

      So during the several weeks we spent together, she had several things where she needed stuff done. I told her before coming out that I’m a computer nerd with back problems and can barely walk. She was disappointed that I could barely walk in her yard and wasn’t able to operate her jack hammer to break open the bedrock to plant trees. Her original plan was she was going to hire Mexicans to do it. When the deer showed up and ate her trees, she asked her (ex) boyfriend to round up some Mexicans and invite them to kill the deer (it wasn’t hunting season). I think at one point I asked if she could hire Americans to do the work, and she said No for a variety of reasons.

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