A different Hillary e-mail question

Set aside for the moment the issue of classified emails on an unsecure server… What does the sheer volume of email say about Hillary’s management style?

Email is a great time waster, especially if you are on a mobile device typing one character at a time. One of email’s flaws is it doesn’t convey emotions or tone of voice. It is very easy to misinterpret a person’s reaction. There is no substitute for talking in person, or at least on the telephone or videoconference to hear the voice, see the facial expressions, evaluate the emotions of the person or people involved.

There are many little anecdotes that Hillary has trouble controlling her emotions and will shout angry profanities at people who work for her without any provocation. Email is a good tool for person without social skills to interact with other people to hide their emotions, mislead people about their intentions, and avoiding confrontation and resolving issues. Hillary was dangerous as Secretary of State, but could be 1000 times more dangerous as President.

At work, do you overuse email? Do you have a boss that tries to manage by email? Do you disagree with me? What are some reasons people use email rather than picking up the phone or delegating less important conversations to others?

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