Quinn & Rose back together again, almost

WAVL-AM in Apollo PA (Population 1,647) took advantage of the FCC Saving AM radio project and added an FM translator and did the opposite of most similar stations. They are switching from music to talk.


Quinn’s one man act is on from 6-9 AM, followed by the indomitable Rose Unplugged for an hour. She has been heard on the WPGP-AM in Pittsburgh, the former home of Mickey Mouse radio.

Quinn is on WCNS-AM (same owner) in Latrobe (former home of Rolling Rock Beer – population 8,338). Acceding to Quinn’s aspirations to pay for his Corvette from subscriber fees, the two stations do not stream.

WSYL-AM in New York appears to have dropped Quinn. Between Apollo and Latrobe, Quinn has a potential audience of about 100 listeners. At $5 CPM, an advertisement should cost about $.50, conservatively speaking.

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7 Responses to Quinn & Rose back together again, almost

  1. JayMar says:

    Rose is very popular here in Pitt. She is on WPGP-AM 1250 The Answer 8-10AM M-F. Her program is a lot better than the old Quinn and Rose. Jim Quinn used to love to hear himself talk so he pretty much had control of the old program with poor Rose as his gopher. I understand (and I might be wrong) the reason they were terminated was because Jim made demands of the FM station they were broadcasting at the time. The station switched to Country Music a couple of months later.

    I also heard that the reason he didn’t join 1250AM is because at the time they were not streaming. Streaming started shortly after rose Unplugged went on the air, so Jim missed a great opportunity to comeback.

    I find Jim very often, quite dejected sitting at the local Starbucks in Bridgeville.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      How about that Liberty Bridge fire? 😉

      Basically, I think what happened was Clear Channel / iHeart dropped their Sirius/XM channels, which pushed Q&R from a national show to a local one. Probably iHeart wanted a pay cut that Quinn would not accept. Sports was also a factor – the FM station had the Pirates and lost them back to KDKA (that’s from memory). Rose is getting guests like Dick Morris. It’s hard to get the A list guests On podcasts.

  2. briand75 says:

    I don’t understand why they would drop Quinn. He isn’t anywhere near as rough as he used to be. Rose can be a lot of things including a tad arrogant. I thought Quinn was doing well.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      Not sure since I can’t hear it 😉 Western New York has been horrible for radio companies going broke. My guess is people from Pittsburgh don’t sell well in New York

  3. JayMar says:

    My wife works at Pitt and travels through there very often. She said the fire was so intense that one of the columns supporting the bridge was affected making it unsafe for both using the bridge and even those going under it. Who knows how long it will take for repairs. My wife is from Pittsburgh and she says, and I can verify that, that the seasons here are Winter, still Winter, almost Winter, and Construction. Everything is under construction here. I am accustomed to the Texas way where every highway has an access road next to it. If you miss you exit just turn around at the next exit and you haven’t lost time. If you exit early, stay on the access road till you get to yours. Here if you miss an exit you have to travel half way to Kentucky to come back. And when everything is under construction you might as well carry you tent to camp somewhere else.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      I grew up in Pittsburgh. My first reaction (to my cousin) looking at the traffic on Google Maps was “the people who know Pittsburgh are ignoring PennDOT’s detour”. Natives needing to go downtown woukd take Saw Mill Boulevard around the West End of Mount Washington, then go over to the North Side on the West End bridge then over one of the Allegheny River bridges, or go up Carson Street to the Smithfield Street bridge or the even more obscure 10th Street bridge and the tunnel under Duquense University, or you would go down Banksville Road instead of using West Liberty Avenue.

      Streetcars lasted longer in most other cities for a reason. The geography of Pittsburgh doesn’t lend itself to building roads. My grandfather was an engineer who designed industrial equipment used to make bridges.

      Ask your wife to take a drive along Potomac Avenue for a cheap thrill. Ask her if Kennywood is open.

      And for extra sneaky bonus points, drive through the Wabash (railroad) Tunnel.

    • Fred Stiening says:

      In the event there are any 9/11 truthers out there, now that PennDOT has a close look, the relatively modest amount of plastic piping that caught fire was able to heat the steel beam above 1200°F and deformed it by 6 inches. According to PennDOT, the bridge was minutes away from collapsing.

      Temporary repairs are under way to replace steep pins securing the chord beam to the pier and temporarily jack the bridge up while a permanent replacement beam is fabricated. The bridge was opened in 1928, so that will take some doing. The bridge was currently undergoing repairs and it appears the contractor accidentally caused the fire.

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