FDA bans Dial soap

The FDA has announced a ban on most antimicrobial soaps, claiming ordinary soap and water is just as effective.

NBC News

This issue has been bouncing around the nanny state for quite a while. The FDA’s main point seems to be that the antibacterial agents don’t actually accomplish anything, rather than citing realistic evidence of harm. Sure, if you feed 100 bars of dial soap to a cow, it starts to foam at the mouth…

I’ve been toying with writing a speculative piece about “where have all the bacteria gone?”. I’m open to the possibility I’m crazy, but it seems like milk no longer spoils, no matter how old it is, bread no longer grows mold. We recently learned that children who are raised in a home with a dishwasher are more likely to develop allergies, because their immune systems are never challenged with weak pathogens, so they don’t develop the normal defenses. When a real pathogen shows up, the front door is wide open.

I’ve used Dial soap for 40 years. It’s a trap, and I accepted that. When I’m in a situation where Dial soap is not available, the rebound effect is obvious, as the microbes have a field day. Would things stabilize after a week of the microbes fighting each other for control? I guess I’ll be forced to find out.

Remember that transfat margarines are much healthier than butter! The FDA was sure that was true.

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